Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pancakes: They Just Don’t Quite Stack Up

I feel like I am repeating myself here but I came up with a snappy post title for this; so I am going with it.
I don’t eat pancakes all that often. As such, I get these occasional urges for them. So, I go to a breakfast place, order up a stack and two, maybe three, bites in – I am done.
Not only am I done after just a few bites, but I am bitter at the pancake industry for yet another psyche-out. I kind of feel like my intellect was drained from me forcing me to forget that I really don’t think all that much of the pancake. Worse, actually getting me so fucking psyched for pancakes I am moving mountains to make the pancake meal a reality.
The worst part about eating the pancakes is that they always end up giving me the worst gut busting stomach ache ever and then I end up on the throne of deuces for an hour – I know, TMI.
Note to self: ixnay on the ancakespay.


Cuzzup said...

Cuzcakes...I feel the exact same way(before and after)!

brookem said...

you were just a day early for TMI thursday!

Nancy said...

Is there really a pancake industry?

Chris said...

Cuzz - Cuzzup!
Brookem - I didn't want to step on anytoes :)
Nancy - two words - Aunt Jemima