Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sirius Issues

I’ve been a subscriber of Sirius satellite radio for three or so years (about a month or so before Howard Stern went on the air there). I became a subscriber for one reason only, to continue listening to Howard Stern; the rest was just gravy.
What I came to love of satellite radio is how it stays tuned right in to what you are listening to wherever you may roam. Over time, I started listening to some of the music stations and have grown fond of several such as: E-Street Radio, The Coffee House, 70’s on 7, and others.
Where satellite has been frustrating is driving under the canopy of the tree-lined back roads that lead me to and from my job. It seems that in the greatest age of technology, they couldn’t get that signal to beam through the leaves causing my radio to stutter to the point where I don’t even bother using it on those streets any longer.
The frustration hit a high a few days ago when I made the call to customer service and asked to cancel my subscription, effective after my currently paid period (I am and always have been on a month-to-month plan). The “nice oldish sounding lady” expressed concern for my issues and countered my cancellation request with the offer of a brand spanking new satellite radio (which she thought might handle the reception better) for no cost other than $5.76 for  shipping and 3 months of service for free.
I thought the counter offer was a fair way to address my problem. While I don’t for a minute believe the new radio will handle the signal any differently, there really is no cost to me to find out and if it does, they saved a customer while if it does not, I will just cancel again three months from now.
We shall see.

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Susan said...

Had the same problem with Sirius and the trees. Also called customer service and they sent new equipment. Long story short-no matter what they sent, the problem persisted. Hope you have better luck. This happened to me almost 2 years ago. Maybe they have something new and improved that will work for you.