Sunday, August 16, 2009

Alaska Trip Journal – Part 10

Thursday, July 30th continued…
Here’s a paragraph from one of the promotional pieces for the excursion I selected; a ride on the White Pass Scenic Railway: “Experience the panorama of the mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, tunnels, trestles, and historic sites from the comfort of vintage parlor cars. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience this historic railway." With a description like that, a $120 price tag, and having to follow all that I’ve seen thus far (most notable Mendenhall Glacier and the Tracy Arm Fjord/Sawyer Glacier), this tour had lots to live up to – perhaps too much.
While it was an okay excursion, factoring everything into play, it was way overpriced and the cars weren’t particularly comfortable – just okay. There were some very nice moments, some nice scenery (as some of the pictures that follow will show), and so – no regrets; it was and experience that I’ll always have and I shall leave it at that.
DSC00147DSC00146There was a point at the end of the run (before the return trip) where we actually crossed the border into Canada. This picture indicates the approaching border crossing as both the US and Canadian Flags are present. Since we were at no point disembarking from the train, there was (thankfully) no need to deal with customs.
DSC00148 Upon my return and re-entry on the Norwegian Sun, I passed the time before dinner doing absolutely nothing, just relaxing. There are so many high quality relaxation opportunities on a cruise and I strongly suggest that should you decide to cruise, that you explore as many of them as possible.
I didn’t have to think about where to go for dinner, I showed up at the Seven Seas where a gourmet menu was awaiting. Here is what I chose from the many options:
  • Scallops with some awesome sauce (you like when I do that) and a jasmine rice cake
  • Chinese duck salad
  • Farfalle with Italian sausage, hot peppers, and pine nuts
  • Warm strawberry soufflé with vanilla bean (fancy French word) sauce
My all too common post dinner stroll about the ship followed my delicious meal and I followed that with a visit to the Observation Lounge for yet more relaxation while enjoying some music and later, some Karaoke. I stuck around until about 8:40 and then made my way to the Stardust Lounge for a comedy magic show by Jean Pierre Parent.
Jean-Pierre was delightfully entertaining, very funny and the man has some serious prestidigitation skills.
In the next installment, I will bring you with me to:
DSC00164To be continued…

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