Monday, August 17, 2009

Alaska Trip Journal – Part 11

Thursday, July 30th continued…



The Chocoholic Buffet is a neat little Norwegian Cruise Line thing.DSC00166 They did it on the Hawaii cruise I was on a few years ago and happily, I was able to attend another on this cruise. After a terrific comedy magic show, I took a little outdoor stroll and made my way to the Seven Seas restaurant a few minutes before the scheduled time for the feast of chocolate.
I made a number of choice selections such as a chocolate covered banana, a chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate cake, a different chocolate cake, yet another type of chocolate cake, and some chocolatey thing with nuts – nice, eh?
I know that you must think after all that chocolate there is no way I’d be getting to sleep anytime soon. Guess again, I was winded. This was a day that as you may recall began with a 6:30am accidental alarm and I was so friggin’ content with my day that I decided to put it to rest.
I write this sentence at about 11:30pm with a heap of memories from my day, hours of joyous relaxation in the till, and a belly full of gourmet foods and chocolate. Here are a few more pictures of chocolate masterpieces:
DSC00170DSC00171DSC00172 To be continued…


Joy said...


Cuzzup said...

I agree with Joy on that one! Pure Heaven! I would end up saying something like, "Um..yeah, if you can be a sweetie and box up the huge chocolate whale to take back to my room, thank you."

Susan said...

Chocolate is the best thing EVER! We should all eat some every single day. Glad you enjoyed your cruise. Alaska is beautiful.

Chris said...

Dear all of you,
I completely concur with your views on Chocolate. I'd say more but I have a chocolate muffin before me...ta!