Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alaska Trip Journal – Part 13

Friday, July, 31st, 2009 continued…
DSC00177After a while I felt the need to continue to do nothing (but relax) but I wanted to do it outdoors. There happens to be a neat deck above the Observation Lounge (technically, it’s roof).
With the exception of the foghorn blowing every 90 seconds, it was a perfect spot – almost directly under the sun. You might think the foghorn blowing every 90 seconds would be annoying or distracting, but it didn’t stop me from relaxing (the proof is in the photo’s) and it didn’t take long for me to settle into the lounge chair, fall deep into relaxation and fall asleep.
I awoke with a smile and a thought that if I didn’t go to lunch soon, I wouldn’t have much of a chance at lunch (except for room service or a very limited menu). I went over to the Garden Cafe and loaded up a plate with a small sampling of items including:
  • Cinnamon scented rice with cashews
  • Marinated skirt steak
  • A sampling of cheeses with grapes and pecans
  • Ice cream
A stroll about the “strolling track” on deck six before a quick visit to inquire about transportation from the docks to the airport found me back on the roof of the observation deck for even more relaxation.
I almost forgot a few more “self-portraits” that I snapped while kernoodling inside the Observation Lounge for a short time just before returning to my little spot on its roof.
For me, one of the best parts of cruising is the ease at which relaxation comes (not something that comes as naturally in my daily life). Right now I am in the spot I’ve been speaking of, on the roof of the Observation Lounge, writing this very sentence and listening to some TBTL (being the Time Bandit that I am) and it’s around 4:00pm. For now I am closing my journal and will do some listening and relaxing – oh, can’t you just feel the sunshine?
* * * * * * * * * *
I decided to pick up the pen again because I am currently so entertained, I’d like to share it with you. I’m lounging here on the deck listening to TBTL (for the Tens that may be reading, the 7-8pm hour from July 1st). Jen is at the Shawn Colvin concert so Luke and Sean are just hanging - “bro-ing” it up and are KILLING! I am so laughing out loud, disregarding fellow cruisers relaxing nearby – very funny!
***MEDIC ALERT*** I am about to speak of an unpleasant medical condition – not super gross but unpleasant.
One of the problems I had this vacation is with, UGH, I hate to even say this, eczema. It wasn’t all gross or anything but my legs, from my knees down, were just a but rough and super itchy. This afternoon, the itch was really driving me crazy so I used some of the complementary moisturizing lotion in the room. As it was nearing 6:00pm I decided to head indoors. The minute I got indoors, I felt an intense burning sensation (pretty sexy, eh?) in my legs. When I got back to my stateroom, upon further inspection, I realized that I toasted myself while sitting in my spot on the upper deck. The exposed portion of my legs were quite red and if you think sunburn can be uncomfortable, try it out on top of eczema. I felt like I was molting at the legs, in fact, I was kind of hoping to molt at the legs.
What’s crazy is that most people that know me, know that I am not a big fan of the sun, I never “stay out in the sun”. I don’t mind it being sunny but I have been tracking the increase in skin cancer cases…okay, not really tracking it but I know of two people very close to people I know well who dies of cancers that began as a melanoma. The sun is not all that healthy and I am a burner. I know I should have used sun screen and shame on me for not doing so (I just slapped myself on the wrist) ….moving on.
To be continued…

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