Monday, August 24, 2009

Alaska Trip Journal – Part 15

Saturday, August 1st, 2009
I woke from a really odd dream. I was in New York City, right near my alma mater, NYIT, in Columbus Circle. At first I was in a bar talking to my pal Johnny D about a concert I had tickets for and how I was conflicted because I was supposed to start a class (as a student) the same night as the concert (keep in mind in that I currently live in Massachusetts, not NYC). The next thing I recall is being on a street corner with my cousin Julian discussing the various Blackberry telephone handsets and when I looked up, I was suddenly in Montreal and less concerned about my Blackberry than how I was going to get back to Manhattan in time for either the concert or my class. Johnny D. reenters the dream here, seemingly out of nowhere, to offer the advise of hopping in a cab, then pointing to Manhattan, which in the distance seemed only a cab ride away – very odd. I woke up right after that so I don’t know if I hailed a cab or made it to Manhattan in time and if so, whether or not I went to the concert or to class.
I checked my new watch to see that it was 7:30am and decided to prepare for my day with a shave and a shower. Have I mentioned that I somehow managed to get a pimple on my neck? Not just any part of my neck, the front, just a centimeter or so from my Adam’s apple – WTF!? I went about my business and headed down to the “Seven Seas” for some breakfast. My menu selections were:
  • Chilled melon platter'
  • Toasted bagel
  • Smoked salmon platter
  • Decaf
  • Cranberry juice
I assembled the contents of the salmon platter, which included sliced onions, capers, tomatoes and cream cheese, onto the bagel making a sandwich familiar to my native New York city sensibilities. I settled on the cranberry juice as my main beverage since I wasn’t certain I was poured decaf (the urn had a black handle and all the other urns to date have had an orange one). It was a perfect breakfast, not too heavy – a perfect precursor to my next important activity, nothing…that’s right, nothing; nothing but relaxation.
I walked on over to the Observation Lounge opting for an indoor venue as the weather had not yet been living up to the forecast and was at this time quite foggy and a touch nippy. After a good while luxuriating in a comfy chair and no responsibilities (for the time being), I relaxed my way to the near noon hour and moved on down to grab a cup of coffee on the pool deck. The weather had improved enough to hang outdoors and I was looking forward to a cup of coffee, having missed the one at breakfast.  I sat around and did nothing until around 1:30 when I recognized the fact that there were only two more wonderful meal opportunities and since the Seven Seas stops serving lunch at 2:00, I made my way there and enjoyed a wonderful meal including:
  • Roasted red pepper hummus with lavash
  • Garlic & shrimp bisque with baby shrimp
  • Churhasco (sp.) style marinated skirt steak with red peppers and carrots
  • Coconut and rice pudding layered with semi-sweet chocolate ganache
I am so happy I decided to hit the restaurant over the buffet or the BBQ on the rear deck.
To be continued…

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