Friday, August 07, 2009

Alaska Trip Journal – Part 3

Monday, July 27th, 2009
I woke up around 7ish and eventually made my way to the “Seven Seas” restaurant for a lovely breakfast. I had the option of a buffet style with all the expected stuff but I knew it wouldn’t necessarily be anything special and I’d have to work hard to not overfill the plate and then over eat. Here’s what I was served, at my request after reviewing the choices from the menu:
  • Croissant with strawberry preserves
  • Smoked salmon eggs benedict
  • 2 turkey sausage links
  • cranberry juice
  • decaf coffee
The eggs benedict was a nice indulgence but I’m sure it was tamer than the damage the buffet may have led to. A short dockside walk afterward led to some quality poolside lounging. The fog was rather thick and the ocean wind was pretty strong which made for a chill but I had my windbreaker and my journal and I was okay, even content, to “rough” it out for a little while.
As the morning progressed, the waters reminded us that mother nature is still the boss. Even in a vessel the size of a hotel, we were rocking to the waves; even the pools had waves, as if they were aping the waters we sailed upon. While I didn’t find the movement disturbing, by this time many (me included) had retreated indoors as the waves, the wind, and the temperature weren’t nearly as appealing as the amenities available indoors.
I ended up in a restaurant that had a waffle and omelet bar and could not resist a waffle made to order, with some berry compote and freshly whipped cream. I was a good boy only eating half of the waffle while enjoying the panoramic views from the comfort of an indoor venue.
At 11:30am I went down the book reservations for excursions in the port cities of Ketchikan, Juneau, and Skagway. the line was long, about a 40 minute wait, but not entirely unpleasant and no disappointments at the end; I got all of my first requests for the excursions I wanted at the times I selected. Afterwards, I spent some time in the nearby “Java Bar” doing some people watching along with some window watching (love those panoramic windows).
I took a brief stroll through the casino. I love people watching and one of my favorite places to people watch is in a casino. The whole concept of gambling is so darn bizarre, yet so psycho-socially scientific in some way that I can’t help but be engaged in some way. Not being a gambler and preferring to keep control of my cash (regardless of its limited supply), I engage in the process through the observation of others.
Lunch time approached, more so in my body than on the clock (which I had lost track of). I found my way once again for a sit down, “fine dining” experience at the “Seven Seas” restaurant. Check out the yummies that I put into my tummy:
  • Oyster fritters with a dipping sauce I can’t pronounce, spell, or recall other than its deliciousness.
  • Crab & shrimp gumbo.
  • Sweet & sour grouper with fried rice
  • Bread pudding with a dark rum anglaise
If your mouth is getting all watery, I can testify – the food was bitching! I know, bitching isn’t the most commonly used adjective used to describe a fine dining experience but this is me :).
I took a walk after lunch and spent a brief time observing an art auction. I find it baffling that people board a cruise ship for a vacation and choose to sit around bidding excessively on mostly crappy art. Also, I was a little uncomfortable listening to Brian from Cancun, Mexico, the resident “art expert” working the seemingly hypnotized crowd.
To be continued…


Cuzzup said...

So glad you kept a journal about your trip. I’ve enjoyed each post and I’m eager for more details. Now if you would excuse me, I have to go get a mop after salivating over the tasty dishes you described.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery and delicious food!


Chris said...


Joy - :) Alaska was a cool and unique trip. I made a brief edit to your post - email to follow.