Saturday, August 08, 2009

Alaska Trip Journal – Part 4

Monday, July 27th, 2009 continued
I spent a short time in my stateroom before thinking that a bit of a stroll might be a good idea using an ice cream come (with ice cream inside and on top) as incentive to take the walk in the first place. I’m sure you already have realized the ice cream incentive is not only silly, it’s not even true :). I rarely need incentive to take a walk (I like taking walks) and of course, I never, ever, need incentive for ice cream (especially sow that I am armed with some Lactase).
The next few hours were spent in relaxation at various spots on the ship along with ample ambulation about the vessel. At 7:30pm, there was a production show in the “Stardust Lounge” called “Que Noche”. The show was entertaining and featured many gifted dancers and singers, but the production itself was extremely amateur.
After the show, my rumbling tummy told me it was dinner time and I made my way to the “Four Seasons” restaurant. Upon arrival, I was denied access due to wearing shorts (LOL). I thought I wore shorts there the previous evening but I wasn’t going to stress over it. I went to my room to make a quick change into jeans and minutes later I was being shown to my table where I selected the following items from the incredible menu of choices:
  • Crispy asparagus with bay scallops.
  • Lobster & crab bisque with lump crab meat.
  • Beef bouillon with oxtail.
  • Crispy duck insert fancy word with fancy word noodles.
  • Chocolate mousse case with fancy word sauce.
I intentionally ordered two soups because both sounded awesome and I wanted to try them both. Overall, I must confess this meal was something of a disappointment. This is my third cruise and umpteenth cruise meal and the first where I can say I was disappointed. I am letting it go though, it didn’t suck or anything like that, it just wasn’t as superb as I’ve come to expect. Enough about that, I really am just going to let it slide.
By the time dinner ended it was close to 10:00pm so I took a pleasurable stroll about the ship as the sun was just setting. I briefly stopped by “Dazzles” disco to check out the 70’s party – they were pretty funky in there. Sometime after 11:00 I headed back to my stateroom to get some sleep.
Stay tuned for the first of three port stops and many photographs to follow.
To be continued…

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