Friday, August 14, 2009

Alaska Trip Journal – Part 9

Thursday, July 30th
I awoke to a sound i couldn’t identify until I wiped enough sandman from my eyes and gain some consciousness. I realized it was my Blackberry alarm that I had set for yesterday, having forgotten it was a “daily” alarm and not a one time deal. I reaped the benefits of my mistake by having to get out of bed to unlock the safe, where the phone alarm was penetrating the solid steel walls to ring loudly, and silence the alarm.
While I never got back to sleep after the unfortunate 6:30am alarm mishap, I did lay in bed for another 40 minutes or so before hitting the showers to get ready for breakfast. With plenty of time before a 12:25 meeting time for my excursion on the White Pass Scenic Railway here in Skagway, I opted for a big restaurant breakfast. Whether you care or not, by now you know you are gonna hear exactly what is was I ate (I suspect if you’ve made it this far you actually do care but may not understand exactly why – this is the exact reason I like you):
  • Southern biscuit with gravy
  • Egg beater omelet with ham, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese
  • Hash browns
  • Turkey sausage
  • Decaf coffee
  • Tomato juice with lemon and black pepper (I forgot to ask for some Tabasco)
vacationcover2bh2 After breakfast I desperately needed to walk so I made my way around the top deck for a few passes before settling poolside for a while. Relaxation is fun, I wish I knew how to do more of it in my daily life. As I write these words sitting poolside, the song “Vacation” by the Go-Go’s just came on so now I must go for a bit so I can concentrate on bopping my head to the music while enjoying the sunshine.
As it got close to noon, I wasn’t hungry enough for a big meal after the breakfast I ate. However, I knew it would be around 4:00 before the opportunity to eat would arrive again so I stopped by the Garden Cafe and had a very light plate of food consisting of:
  • 1 pc. cantaloupe
  • 1 pc. honeydew
  • 1 pc. watermelon
  • 8 grapes
  • a sampling of 4 different cheeses
  • Pecans
  • Water with lemon
Can’t get more boring for a plate of food on a cruise ship – well, you can, but not much. I just wanted to eat something without getting overly bloated for my excursion. It was a challenge passing up all of the other wonderful choices on the buffet but the plate I chose did leave me satisfied and sans bloat (I’ll shoot for the bloat at dinner).
After lunch I sauntered to the gangway and made it to the streets of Skagway, Alaska, our last stop on land before a few days at sea en route back to Vancouver.
Stay tuned to hear about my ride on the rail.
2008-1203To be continued…

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