Thursday, September 03, 2009

Alaska Trip Journal – Part 19 [The End]

canadian-coins After rumbling through my backpack, I found that I had around two bucks in Canadian currency so I stopped at the Hudson News and grabbed a soda and a bag of chips. The soda and chips came out to almost 8 dollars! OldDutch-Baked-CreamyDillThe chips, which cost around 5 bucks, I must confess, were quite delicious. I can’t recall the brand name but do remember that the company was in Winnipeg (I found the photo with Google images as I was posting this]. The chips were “baked” and “creamy-dill” flavoured and once again, I must say they were delicious.  In fact, the dill flavor would later offer subtle reminders that I ate something with dill flavouring (I’m just showing off now with the spelling of flavor). The plane finally boarded (on time, it was the wait that prompted the use of the work finally) and took off on time and as I write this very sentence, (4:28 PST), there remains about an hour before landing at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix. Fortunately, I was initially writing this longhand so I didn’t have to put away my notebook for takeoff and landing.
The landing at PHX was smooth and on time. The bowl of grits at breakfast, many hours and a country ago along with those chips, of which the dill flavor still wishes to express itself, represent my total consumption thus far and as such, I was hungry. More accurately, I was starving to the point where I had a really bad headache and was feeling a bit dizzy. I stopped at a fast food joint in the airport; I think it was called “The Great Steak” and something something. great steakI ordered a “great steak combo” which consisted of a cheese steak sandwich, fries, and a soda. I polished the food off far faster than I should have but when it was done, I craved something sweet which led me to Starbucks and a slab of delicious and overpriced (I know, redundant considering I already said Starbucks) crumb cake. With about two and a half hours left before my flight leaves for Boston, it was time to get serious about time wasting and people watching – I needed something to pass the time.
* * * * * * * * * *
LIVE IN-FLIGHT UPDATE: It is 4:27am EST and there is just under an hour left until the scheduled landing time in Boston; and I am having the flight from hell. The flight itself is okay, but I personally am having a host of issues that are creating the hellishness. DO you recall the cheese steak sandwich I ate in Phoenix? Clearly my food choice was a bad one and it was rumbling about in my belly so badly that for a moment, I went into the restroom thinking I may need to vomit. I haven’t vomited in more than 20 years and perhaps even 25 years. I’ve been nauseous many, many times but I hate vomiting and perhaps even fear it some; so much so that I would rather feel like vomiting than actually vomit. That is, there are times when some might wish to just get the vomiting over with and perhaps even induce it knowing that once they vomit, they will no longer feel like vomiting. Me, I’ll go hours feeling like crap, like vomiting and do anything to prevent it from happening, even at the cost of continued feeling crappy.
I stood in the cramped restroom with my head leaning against the angled ceiling above the toilet and somehow, with the movement of the plane (blended with the noxious fumes of airplane toilet 80% through a long flight with a plane load of passengers, many of whom used it), there was some sort of calming effect and the nausea began to subside. In addition to my tummy woes, my legs were far more restless than usual and I was almost completely unable to sit still. I had enough restlessness that I had to get up constantly to stretch and walk the aisle, which didn’t make me popular amongst the rest of the passengers since they were all trying to sleep. I was at one point so darn fidgety that I began to get self conscious thinking that all the passengers, at least the ones who either were awake or awakened by my fidgety freakiness, had begin making judgments about me and even had come up with “secret” voodoo wishes and nicknames.
The rest was uneventful. After landing in Boston it was get the luggage and then the shuttle to long-term parking before driving home and then collapsing in exhaustion. I was lucky in that I had the rest of the week off to re-coup my energy and enjoy the memories of a wonderful vacation.

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egan said...

You had to fly through Phoenix on your way back home? Sorry to hear this. I do like your running into of people you know from Boston in Vancouver. That's a pretty cool thing when it happens.