Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Patriots and Me

How this boy from Brooklyn, New York came to root for the New England Patriots.

I must first proclaim my undying love for the New York Yankees; a love of somewhere between 35 and 40 years that will not ever change. I I preface this post because regardless of any other sports team I align with, I could never align with the Boston Red Sox - I will be a gentlemen and not bad mouth them, but I will never root for them.

Through the 7o's and right up through Troy Aikman's retirement, I had been a Dallas Cowboys fan. Despite growing up in NYC, I never considered myself a Jets or a Giants fan. The Roger Staubach (and accompanying team) years were truly memorable, especially when the rival team on the field was The Pittsburgh Steelers - it was always a magical contest.

The post Staubach, particularly the Aikman years were fun to watch as well, but clearly there seemed to be a shift in the Cowboy organization and after Aikman retired, I not only lost interest in the team, but the sport of football in general.

I took a few years off from giving a crap at all and as the 90's were coming into the later part of the decade, I moved from my native city of Brooklyn in 1997 to Massachusetts. I learned quickly that it was going to be difficult to be a Yankees fan in Red Sox land and while I hadn't watched so much as a single down of football (except for a few Super Bowls), I was itching to have a team I could give a crap about.

Since most of my new friends were heavy into the Pats, I thought I'd at least socialize a bit by joining a few to watch the games together and it was watching this team play that opened my eyes to something that I found to be rare in football and in fact, rare in most professional sports teams. I studied a bit more about the organization and such and found that I really liked the Patriot organization - it had a certain class about it. Perhaps it is all an illusion, a smoke screen - regardless, the players were fun to root for and along with the camaraderie of some buds from around here, I got hooked.

So, that is my story and I am sticking to it. I like the game of football - it interesting to watch and try to understand the strategies and logic that goes into the game. Some have mentioned that the Pats are "cheaters" and to that I say, If your only source in information is "Mangini", I think you might want to find a more credible source of information. I'm not going to say that Bellichick (who in my opinion is the best head coach since Tom Landry) or the Pats are perfect, but they do have what seems to be, or at least resemble what's been so lacking in the capitalistic generation of pro sports. I can't even bring myself to give a crap about hockey anymore...

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