Friday, September 25, 2009

Twists and Turns

Life's little twists and turns turn out sometimes to be not so little and every so often, the turn is far sharper than you were expecting. Then, sometimes even knowing of the inevitable sharp turn your complacency leads you down the road oblivious to the obvious. You read that right but go ahead and read it again, keep it stored in your frontal lobes and a few other places as backup.
I have learned something in my time on this planet, that just as such twists and turns make shake the foundation you walk on, sometimes faith and miracles can shake back and bring life back into balance. Right now, I am banking on that faith, as well as a few other things people should be able to bank on. Sadly, often the faith part comes through while the more tangible things don't but I guess that's just another think I must leave to fate…

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