Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Last Twenty

I used to purchase many more CD’s than I do now. With a mortgage and other financial priorities, I have taken to the public library as a great resource.
I also don’t care much for radio and as such, I don’t listen much at all. As a music lover, my main sources for musical discovery are recommendations (from a variety of sources), TBTL, NPR, and a few others.
So I get a bunch of things from the library, rip them into iTunes, then listen when I can. Of course, the music adds up faster than I can listen, so I made a few play lists to keep track of it all and then I listen when I can.
Today, I listened to 20 songs from these playlists. Some of them are songs I know and some are totally new to me. Some are by artists I am very familiar with and some are by artists that are fairly new to me.
I thought I would share a list of the songs I listened to – all come with a thumbs up:
1. Footprints – Bill Callahan
2. Life is Hard – Bob Dylan
3. The River – Brian Eno & David Byrne
4. So Beautiful – Raul Malo
5. Carpetbagger – Jenny Lewis (w/Elvis Costello)
6. Little Bit Stupid – Joe Jackson
7. Knee Deep at the National Pop League – Camera Obscura
8. Constructive Summer – The Hold Steady
9. Everybody Pays as They Go – Jakob Dylan
10. Old days – John Hiatt
11. Handle With Care – Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins
12. White Shoes – Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Band
13. Wine, Women, and Song – Harvey Danger
14. Endless Sleep – Leo Kottke
15. Two Cups of Coffee – Josh Kelley
16. ‘Til Summer Comes Around – Keith Urban
17. Things People Say – Lady Antebellum
18. Destination Unknown – Missing Persons
19. Communist Daughter – Neutral Milk Hotel
20. Turn This Car Around – Tom Petty

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Large Phillipino in a Hatchback Story

Nestor in a Mazda
On April 17, 2008, I told a story that I titled, Wicked Monks and "The Big O" I Promised. Please click the link and go read that post, even if you recall it; that was a fun post – I just re-read it and laughed hard.
Anyway, in that post, I talk about this rather large dude named Nestor who hitched a ride with us, only the only place for him to ride was in the hatchback since the car only had 2 seats that were occupied. The photo above is the picture of Nestor in that hatchback – very funny!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Black and White

Funny how this language works. A statement could be made and depending on the context or perception, it could be taken as something very positive or something very negative.
For example:
  1. There are some major changes happening in my life.
  2. I find that I am randomly overwhelmed with an assortment of emotions.
  3. I never expected this could happen to me.
Others apply…
Nothing more to say at this time.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thankfully, It Didn’t Jump the Shark

The Jim and Pam wedding on The Office had me worried. Leading up to the one hour episode, all I kept thinking was that this could be a “Jump the Shark” moment for one of my favorite shows.
Having watched the episode almost twice, I can say definitively, that the show did indeed not Jump the Shark and I can be at peace having laughed my way through all of that worry.
In other comedy television news, I watched the first seven episodes of the first season of “Flight of the Conchords” today. I’m not going to say I am loving the show but there are (thus far) enough moments to hold my interest and keep me laughing that I will complete the season.
I am looking forward to this weeks season debut of 30 Rock. I only finished watching last season a few weeks ago and loved every minute of it.
Moving to drama, I have finally begun watching the highly acclaimed “Mad Men” having seen the first five episodes of the first season. Again, I am not yet in love with what is so highly acclaimed I expected to be blown away right off the bat, but I am interested and do agree with the brilliance in the quality of the production.
Later for now.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Sorry for the Silence

More time has passed than I wanted between posts so I thought I would stop by and say hi. I know I’ve made it quite clear that there are some things going on with me but have been mum as to what.
And mum I shall stay for now – it just needs to be that way for a while until I can get my head all together.
In the meantime, I am overjoyed to see my NY Yankees playing post season baseball again and really hope they go all the way, no team in the majors deserves it more.
I’ve watched the first two episodes from season one of “Mad Men” after hearing recommendations from numerous sources. Thus far, I like it but need to see more to make any definitive commentary.
IMG00029When life hands you apples, make apple pie…so I did, and then I ate it (with ice cream).
IMG00030I took this at lunchtime today outside my workplace.
Her official name is “Betty” – ain’t she purty?