Monday, October 12, 2009

Black and White

Funny how this language works. A statement could be made and depending on the context or perception, it could be taken as something very positive or something very negative.
For example:
  1. There are some major changes happening in my life.
  2. I find that I am randomly overwhelmed with an assortment of emotions.
  3. I never expected this could happen to me.
Others apply…
Nothing more to say at this time.


SM said...

I've been reading but not commenting as much. But I've been checking back on you.

You're right, though, I've assumed something negative is going on in your life right now but in rereading your posts I realize that it might not be.

I understand that you aren't ready to blog about it - putting whatever it is out in the open - but you are definitely in my thoughts - regardless to the postiveness or negativeness of the situation.

ria said...

sending you positive thoughts, hope everything is ok.

Chris said...

SM - thanks a bunch.

Ria - I appreciate that!

egan said...

Ha, I know how this can happen. I wasn't sure if they were good or bad, but figured you'd share when appropriate.

I do know a place where you can share, I'm just saying.

Chris said...

Egan - I do remember and when ready, that's the first public-ish place I will go.

brookem said...

keeping you in my thoughts friend.