Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thankfully, It Didn’t Jump the Shark

The Jim and Pam wedding on The Office had me worried. Leading up to the one hour episode, all I kept thinking was that this could be a “Jump the Shark” moment for one of my favorite shows.
Having watched the episode almost twice, I can say definitively, that the show did indeed not Jump the Shark and I can be at peace having laughed my way through all of that worry.
In other comedy television news, I watched the first seven episodes of the first season of “Flight of the Conchords” today. I’m not going to say I am loving the show but there are (thus far) enough moments to hold my interest and keep me laughing that I will complete the season.
I am looking forward to this weeks season debut of 30 Rock. I only finished watching last season a few weeks ago and loved every minute of it.
Moving to drama, I have finally begun watching the highly acclaimed “Mad Men” having seen the first five episodes of the first season. Again, I am not yet in love with what is so highly acclaimed I expected to be blown away right off the bat, but I am interested and do agree with the brilliance in the quality of the production.
Later for now.

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Jake Brownson said...

The wedding episode was so great... especially that little look Jim gives the camera right at the end