Monday, November 30, 2009

from the rooftop

In this very space, just a few short years ago, I exercised my first amendment rights and expressed my personal thoughts and anger over a situation that occurred in my workplace. I named names and said things that can easily be interpreted as offensive and in that particular case, I meant to offend – I was angry and repulsed. Whether or not the extent of my expression at that time was “appropriate” or what have you, it was my constitutional right. Sadly, my constitutional rights were violated at that time and because I am not wealthy enough to retain a lawyer, I had to pay dearly for that – I will always have some bitterness in me and never forgive the fact that my rights were so violated.
Sometimes, I like to push the envelope of language and expression and dabble the lines of dark (even morbid in some cases) comedy and expressionism. Sometimes I use words that have shock value and are offensive to some, perhaps even you dear reader. I’ve received about a dozen emails in the last couple of days, every one from someone I respect and love dearly and from people that have known me for a very long time – some of you, I actually hope all of you are reading this because it’s how I’ve decided to respond…
I know that if you have read (or listened) to any of what I’ve recently put out there, and you actually know me, you know that:
  1. I don’t actually want Chris Brown to Beat up Rhianna
  2. I don’t condone violence between any people
  3. I don’t actually thing that people that camp out at Walmart to buy a DVD player for $11 should actually kill themselves
  4. etc.
My commentaries have simply been exaggerations in the vein of dark comedy and yes – I know that some will not find it funny and some will totally hate it. I also know that some will find it humorous and even thought provoking (I’ve even gotten a few email affirming that as well).
I will occasionally push the envelope and sometimes what I write or say will not be popular with some of you. I suspect that there will be times when I do say things that will make sense to you and perhaps be more “appropriate”. Either way, as long as the first amendment exists and I live in this country, I will continue to exercise those first amendment rights and hope that more often than not – what I say will make sense to someone.
I do have great love, admiration, and respect for all of you.

Podcast: Chris Rants on Things Current and Otherwise

Too lazy to type, I take the bulleted list to audio form with some rants about things going on in the news as well as a few other things on my mind. Oh, and I use "colourful" language here and there so be forewarned!



Wednesday, November 18, 2009

(Crazy) Coincidence dot com

Against my better judgment…timeout. I took that timeout because that phrase made me laugh – more accurately, what that phrase implies in the context in which it was used implies, that’s what made me laugh.
Okay, here’s the actual story. Against my better judgment, I returned to work today when I really should have taken another full day to rest my ills. To help comfort my symptoms, I took some over the counter generic product that doesn’t do nearly as much to alleviate the symptoms as it does to place one in a lethargic enough state such that the symptoms are irrelevant.
If you see someone with a red nose walking around with a giant snot noodle hanging from his nostrils, this is usually a good sign they are on this type of medication. You see, while the medicine didn’t prevent the snot noodle, the person was so doped up, they either had no idea the snot noodle was there or just didn’t give a crap.
So back to me, I was chatting it up with a colleague who asked me how I was feeling. I replied, “I’m coming down from my semi-lethargic (you’d think I was getting a commission for this word in this post) state brought on by a dose of over the counter cold medication.” I then walked away and before I made it out the door, I felt a vibration in my right pocket.
Since I was certain there were no giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches (not very relevant, but I just had a fear factor flashback and couldn’t resist the reference) in my pocket, I retrieved the Blackberry that was in the pocket to find I had a message in my inbox and here folks is where the semi-catchy title of this post was inspired. No sooner did I just utter the words referencing the wearing off of cold medicine when I receive an email from none other than  with the following subject line: “Is it time to reorder?”
How’s about them apples?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Difficult Tasks

As if feeling as sickly as I did yesterday wasn’t enough, before arriving home for adequate doses of Ibuprofen, tea, and rest, I had to do something that was as difficult as anything I have ever had to do.
As Junior Warden of my parish, I was tasked, along with the Senior Warden and Rector, with telling our church secretary that we had to eliminate her position at the end of the calendar year. making this task somewhat more difficult is the fact that the secretary has been employed there for more than 25 years.
This was not a decision that was made or taken lightly. However, we’ve ran our operating budget at a considerable deficit for several years now and we really had no choice to but eliminate one of our five salaries positions, unfortunately, the most expendable one was that of the secretary.
While in my professional life, I’ve had to fire people before, it was never like this. In the past is was irresponsible teens who showed up late every day and didn’t give a crap, not someone who has has been dedicated for 25+ years.
I know that she is sad about this and I feel awful but there truly was no way around this.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I’m Still Here

Hi everyone. I've not posted in two weeks but I haven't abandoned this blog. I'm certain that aside from the things going on in my life that I am not ready to talk about that there are enough things for me to create interesting* content here but the fact is, I just haven't.
I expect to take a trip to a fort in the woods in the nearer future so that I can let off some steam and get in touch with that which provides a bit of a safe haven, away from the oh so public nature of this place. However, please know that I never intended this blog to be a place where I had to post, rather a place where I chose to post when it felt right.
While I need to be a part of this community and love it so, I must also be true to who I am and I don't want to be the blogger who posts simply for the sake of posting – at least not regularly. I'd like to think that even the stuff that may seem vanilla still has value as it represents a real life experience and for me, that's what this blogging thing is about, sharing real life experiences in a community of those who have real life experiences (this does not mean that I have a problem or don't enjoy works of fiction or blogs that focus on that).
I have received emails from some of you who have expressed your concern and friendship – I am so very grateful to all of you, it warms me to know that there are people who care. That isn't meant to sound like I am one of those folks who doesn't believe that anyone cares, I know that, I am just saying that sometime having affirmation of that goes a long way to healing the soul. To all of you, this is not about any kind of disease or illness, at least not that I know of. The only dying I am doing is the normal kind that comes with living.
For now, I continue to seek inspirations and work through what I am working through – don't think for a minute that you are all not in my thoughts because you are.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Goings On

The Magic 8 Ball here says it all. While I (have to ) believe it’s all a temporary condition, for the time being, I’m living in a world where every request to the 8 ball ends up in such a response (or may as well anyway).
This fucking world series is killing me. If I am being honest, my Yankees are not playing as well as they could, or should. Dare I even say that for the most part they are kind of sucking and are really lucky that thus far, Philly has been sucking more (mostly). I very badly want he Yankees to win this thing but it’s out of my hands anyway – I gotta just deal with the nightly stomach acid until it’s all over.
And now for some bullets:
  • I’m still intrigued by Mad Men
  • A certain group of instructors are totally lazy asses
  • Happy so far with my Fit
  • Been having a hard time getting into my reading groove
  • Joe Buck absolutely sucks!
  • I know that I should break up with chocolate, I just can’t – it’s an addiction
  • To all my blogger peeps, I miss you and am sorry I’ve been quiet-ish – things are dicey for now but won’t always be.
  • 530