Wednesday, November 18, 2009

(Crazy) Coincidence dot com

Against my better judgment…timeout. I took that timeout because that phrase made me laugh – more accurately, what that phrase implies in the context in which it was used implies, that’s what made me laugh.
Okay, here’s the actual story. Against my better judgment, I returned to work today when I really should have taken another full day to rest my ills. To help comfort my symptoms, I took some over the counter generic product that doesn’t do nearly as much to alleviate the symptoms as it does to place one in a lethargic enough state such that the symptoms are irrelevant.
If you see someone with a red nose walking around with a giant snot noodle hanging from his nostrils, this is usually a good sign they are on this type of medication. You see, while the medicine didn’t prevent the snot noodle, the person was so doped up, they either had no idea the snot noodle was there or just didn’t give a crap.
So back to me, I was chatting it up with a colleague who asked me how I was feeling. I replied, “I’m coming down from my semi-lethargic (you’d think I was getting a commission for this word in this post) state brought on by a dose of over the counter cold medication.” I then walked away and before I made it out the door, I felt a vibration in my right pocket.
Since I was certain there were no giant Madagascar hissing cockroaches (not very relevant, but I just had a fear factor flashback and couldn’t resist the reference) in my pocket, I retrieved the Blackberry that was in the pocket to find I had a message in my inbox and here folks is where the semi-catchy title of this post was inspired. No sooner did I just utter the words referencing the wearing off of cold medicine when I receive an email from none other than  with the following subject line: “Is it time to reorder?”
How’s about them apples?

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