Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Difficult Tasks

As if feeling as sickly as I did yesterday wasn’t enough, before arriving home for adequate doses of Ibuprofen, tea, and rest, I had to do something that was as difficult as anything I have ever had to do.
As Junior Warden of my parish, I was tasked, along with the Senior Warden and Rector, with telling our church secretary that we had to eliminate her position at the end of the calendar year. making this task somewhat more difficult is the fact that the secretary has been employed there for more than 25 years.
This was not a decision that was made or taken lightly. However, we’ve ran our operating budget at a considerable deficit for several years now and we really had no choice to but eliminate one of our five salaries positions, unfortunately, the most expendable one was that of the secretary.
While in my professional life, I’ve had to fire people before, it was never like this. In the past is was irresponsible teens who showed up late every day and didn’t give a crap, not someone who has has been dedicated for 25+ years.
I know that she is sad about this and I feel awful but there truly was no way around this.

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JenD said...

Oh Alice Ripley, what more could you have done? These are the times we live in and no job, it seems, is 100% safe. Incidentally, your brother has been sick for the past week, as well. We're pretty sure it's not swine flu. Hope you feel better, sweetie! Love you, Shannon Ford