Monday, November 30, 2009

from the rooftop

In this very space, just a few short years ago, I exercised my first amendment rights and expressed my personal thoughts and anger over a situation that occurred in my workplace. I named names and said things that can easily be interpreted as offensive and in that particular case, I meant to offend – I was angry and repulsed. Whether or not the extent of my expression at that time was “appropriate” or what have you, it was my constitutional right. Sadly, my constitutional rights were violated at that time and because I am not wealthy enough to retain a lawyer, I had to pay dearly for that – I will always have some bitterness in me and never forgive the fact that my rights were so violated.
Sometimes, I like to push the envelope of language and expression and dabble the lines of dark (even morbid in some cases) comedy and expressionism. Sometimes I use words that have shock value and are offensive to some, perhaps even you dear reader. I’ve received about a dozen emails in the last couple of days, every one from someone I respect and love dearly and from people that have known me for a very long time – some of you, I actually hope all of you are reading this because it’s how I’ve decided to respond…
I know that if you have read (or listened) to any of what I’ve recently put out there, and you actually know me, you know that:
  1. I don’t actually want Chris Brown to Beat up Rhianna
  2. I don’t condone violence between any people
  3. I don’t actually thing that people that camp out at Walmart to buy a DVD player for $11 should actually kill themselves
  4. etc.
My commentaries have simply been exaggerations in the vein of dark comedy and yes – I know that some will not find it funny and some will totally hate it. I also know that some will find it humorous and even thought provoking (I’ve even gotten a few email affirming that as well).
I will occasionally push the envelope and sometimes what I write or say will not be popular with some of you. I suspect that there will be times when I do say things that will make sense to you and perhaps be more “appropriate”. Either way, as long as the first amendment exists and I live in this country, I will continue to exercise those first amendment rights and hope that more often than not – what I say will make sense to someone.
I do have great love, admiration, and respect for all of you.


SM said...

I don't know but I listened to your last podcast and found it hilarious. Maybe its because I have a similarly dark sense of humor (or maybe because I'm just in an odd mood lately) but whatevs.

You keep exercising your rights - whether we all agree with what you say or not or whether we like what you say or not is not the point. The point is you can still say it and that's what's important.

Chris said...

SM- thank you so much for that, it means alot to hear that. I've listened back to that podcast a few times and I laugh at it - it was fun and yes, dark.