Monday, November 02, 2009

Goings On

The Magic 8 Ball here says it all. While I (have to ) believe it’s all a temporary condition, for the time being, I’m living in a world where every request to the 8 ball ends up in such a response (or may as well anyway).
This fucking world series is killing me. If I am being honest, my Yankees are not playing as well as they could, or should. Dare I even say that for the most part they are kind of sucking and are really lucky that thus far, Philly has been sucking more (mostly). I very badly want he Yankees to win this thing but it’s out of my hands anyway – I gotta just deal with the nightly stomach acid until it’s all over.
And now for some bullets:
  • I’m still intrigued by Mad Men
  • A certain group of instructors are totally lazy asses
  • Happy so far with my Fit
  • Been having a hard time getting into my reading groove
  • Joe Buck absolutely sucks!
  • I know that I should break up with chocolate, I just can’t – it’s an addiction
  • To all my blogger peeps, I miss you and am sorry I’ve been quiet-ish – things are dicey for now but won’t always be.
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April said...

Hello new friend. I have been thinking about your cryptic posts and I said a prayer and made a wish and lit a candle and burned some sage and all that, just to cover all bases because I am not really sure what you believe in but I am nothing if not thorough. So did I ever tell you TWO of my Three amazing children were named after Yankees?? And the third was named after the new hitting coach for the Cards. Oh yes, my friend, we are obsessed with the diamond in this house. Email me and I will tell you the amazing names of my amazing children. If you want. You don't have to, I am just offering if you are curious. But whatever. Peace out. And hang in there. At least now the Yankees can win it at home.

SM said...

I tried to watch Mad Men and just couldn't...maybe i need to try again?

Chocolate doesn't deserve a break-up! It's too good!

I hope all is well. been thinking about you!

ria said...

i love the magic 8ball! i'm having a hard time getting into my readings again too

egan said...

I'm glad to hear the Fit is still go.

I still have no clue what's going on in your personal life. Perhaps it's time I send you one of those email thingies.

Your Yankees should have made you happy.

Anonymous said...

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