Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Festa Dei Sette Pesci

I am watching Throwdown with Bobby Flay right now and he is being challenged by Rao’s restuarant, a famous NY based Italian restaurant, to create a meal based on the traditional feast of the seven fishes.
I couldn’t help but recall my childhood. My dad was born and raised in Italy (Mola di Bari) and the whole fish thing on Christmas eve was as much a part of my growing up as cuts and bruises.
I sit here relishing the wonderful memories of growing up and the cultural influences of my dad and my Brooklyn upbringing; the holidays, family. So many years have passed and so many things have changed and I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I longed for some piece of that past right here in the present.
I’d kill for a nice plate of octopus sald, perhaps a little frutta di mare – some baccala….

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SM said...

Funny. I kind of wrote about this today. Well, about how I wish I had something like this growing up - heritage wise. While you don't have it now, at least you are able to look back fondly on those memories.

Merry Christmas my friend.