Monday, January 18, 2010

Back to Work

Well, it was a nice run… Last Tuesday was the last day I was at work and since then, I’ve done a fair amount of preparing for the course I’ll be teaching starting Thursday evening, spent some time doing some work for church, watched some stuff on the tube/DVD player, read a book, listened to loads of tunes and podcasts and tweeted through a good portion of the Golden Globes.
And now, it’ll be back to the grind tomorrow as the Spring semester begins and the first week of semester insanity starts again. It’s that time where the grim realization that so many entering the community college experience aren’t actually ready to be there and then there are the pleasant surprises…
Regardless, I do actually look forward to getting back to business and I am actually looking forward to teaching in an actual classroom again after several semesters of teaching exclusively online (though I am not so happy that it will be on the Wellesley campus requiring a slightly longer commute but hey, it pays the bills).
Finally, my foot in mouth apology goes out to the dude from the show Dexter who was wearing a black hat on the Golden Globes last night. I went and called him a pretentious asshole for wearing the hat and of course he’s been battling cancer and covering his treatment ravaged skull…leave it to me to be an ass all by myself.


SM said...

I'm always putting my foot in my mouth so I totally understand that. Do you think it's an Italian thing? Speaking before thinking? I'm the worst.

Good luck with the new semester and classroom teaching!

Zombie Mom said...

I am a total foot in my mouth gal.... Love that you 'fessed up