Thursday, January 14, 2010

Compound Hurt

Seeing the images of devastation in Haiti over the last couple of days have had a profound effect on me. It’s so hard to comprehend these things. Why must so many people suffer so greatly? What is the message we are supposed to receive as we bear witness to such horror?
I’ve got a full plate of personal problems right now to keep me in all sorts of emotional pain; enough to want to be selfish and shut out the rest of the world…
However, I see those images of Haiti, I recall recent disasters throughout the world and here at home (Katrina’s wrath and 9/11 are still fresh in my mind, my heart, and my soul) and I almost want to give up on everything. Thankfully, my rational self and my faith (in God), along with the strength I get from the love of my family and friends gives me the will to hope, the ability to understand and feel compassion, and the desire to somehow help those in need.
I feel so much right now – I am so conflicted. My heart aches so badly for so many reasons and so much about the future is so unclear right now. I wish I could be hugging everyone I know and care about. I wish for all the people affected by the quake in Haiti, and all disasters and wars around the world whatever it is they need to find that ray of light, that glimmer of hope, the road to tomorrow.

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