Monday, January 11, 2010

Looking Back: A Mix CD from 2001

In anticipation of one of our friends reunions, the one that was to take place in January of 2001, I decided to put together a music mix because those are the kinds of things you do in that situation.
I happened upon the particular mix while rummaging through my basement the other day and just listened to it in my car over the last couple of days – LOVED IT!
So, without further ado (was all that I wrote to this point ado?), here’s the mix and some commentary:
  1. I’m Not Feeling It Anymore – Van Morrison I went off the beaten path with this one but I happened to have heard it just before assembling the songs and I just couldn’t get the groove out of my head. I knew that everyone would recognize the performer but may not have been familiar with the performance and I felt compelled to share.
  2. Amen – Elton John and the Sounds of Blackness This is off the tribute to Curtis Mayfield and again was just so different and exciting. While we all love Elton this was something, for me at least, that was extra special at the time and I needed to share it.
  3. Lowdown – Boz Scaggs Silk Degrees is on of the five most important “albums” I have ever owned and I needed a Boz fix. This is a great tranition song in a mix as well (one that keeps the mix in mix).
  4. Money’s Too Tight To Mention – Simply Red Mick Hucknall is a brilliant vocalist whose name doesn’t get thrown around in that regard often enough. A little bit of “blue-eyed” soul never hurt a music mix and talk about a kicking rhythm.
  5. The Harder they Come – Jimmy Cliff While I firmly believe there is such a thing as too much reggae, I also believe there is such a thing as too little reggae. It could have been Marley but that was far more predictable than Cliff.
  6. Too Much For Me – Virgil Cain I spent alot of time with these guys and they are terrific. Mike Verge is a great songwriter and this is one of many great Virgil Cain songs I wanted to introduce to my friends. I also wanted to see in anyone stopped and said hey, wait a minute – who is this?
  7. Beautiful Girl – Pete Droge and the Sinners From the movie soundtrack “Beautiful Girls”, this songs is great and again was one I had heard just before making this mix and couldn’t resist including it here.
  8. Hey Jealousy – Gin Blossoms Even to this day I can’t hear this song enough. On 2001, it was still fairly fresh and was a tribute to the music of the time that was worth listening to.
  9. Fox On The Run – Sweet  If you are old enough to remember the song, you know why it’s here and if your not, well, you’re not.
  10. Rock Me Gently – Andy Kim I had recently got the Time/Life series “Sounds of the Seventies” and this one really made me feel nostalgic, so I added it for that reason – I knew it would get some interesting reaction but in the end, everyone would sing along.
  11. What Do All The People Know – The Monroes This song has always had an air of mystery surrounding it. The Monroes only release was an EP and it had been elusive almost since it was released. When I finally got the song on a compilation, I had to put it here.
  12. Pump It Up – Elvis Costello Every party compilation needs an Elvis tune; this one is no different.
  13. The Day He Didn’t Die – Might Mighty Bosstones A Boston based SKA band that has won me over so big and in my opinion, perfectly placed after an Elvis song.
  14. Looking for Clues – Robert Palmer I was flipping through my CD’s and this one actually fell off the shelf accidentally – when I saw it I thought, hey, yeah!
  15. I Was Wrong – Keb Mo’ I had seen him open for Bonnie Raitt and I wanted to get a bit of the blues on this thing.
  16. Landslide – Smashing Pumpkins I wanted to see my buddy Rob’s reaction, he’s the biggest Stevie Nicks fan I know. Also, I really loved this version.
  17. You're My Home – Billy Joel I wanted a Billy Joel song that almost no one would ever expect to hear but would loved having heard it when they did.
  18. Summer of Love – Jefferson Airplane Amazing song that just makes me feel good and reminds me of the wonderful friendships we all have.
  19. I Don’t Wanna Go Home – Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes It’s how I feel when we are all together and who cooler than Southside Johnny to close it out.
Noticeably missing – Bruce, but there was much Bruce to be heard that night.


ria said...

i love how certain songs can bring back memories so vividly.

JenD said...

Dude, you always come up with the best mixes! Did you know Billy's Joel's "You're My Home" was almost our wedding song? I made sure the DJ played it anyway! And I love Smashing Pumpkins' version of Landslide, too!