Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dunkin Dunce

I’ve spent quite a few mornings at Dunkin Donuts this past month as they are featuring Triple Chocolate Muffins for a limited time. Regardless of the store, the encounter is always the same and always annoying:
Me: “May I have a triple-chocolate muffing please?”
DD: “Would you like anything to drink with that?”
In my head, “Why the fuck would you ask me this question? Is there any way that you could think of to be more insulting to me this early in the morning? You basically sell two types of products: stuff to eat and stuff to drink. Granted, my brain doesn’t function as sharply this early in the morning but it certainly works well enough that I am aware of your product offerings…”
Do these morons actually believe that I may have forgotten that I might need something to wash my muffin down with? Or, that I forgot that I could purchase a beverage here; despite the waft of coffee products and the dozens of people in my midst sipping away?


Anonymous said...

It's called upselling. An annoying, but mandatory retail practice for years.
Welcome to America.

Chris said...

Anonymous, There is a major difference between upselling and insulting. What they are doing is not upselling.

Rob C said...

Would you like a MEAH with that?

Joy said...

I want to get you and Dan from Chicago together and sit back and enjoy the rants about all kinds of things. You two crack me up.