Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Family Feud Audition Story

I didn’t expect as much time to pass since my last post but life got in the way again. Before elaborating on the rest of the seven things, I had a few requests to go a bit more into the Family Feud audition so I thought I would do that first.
Family Feud got quite popular in the 70’s and 80’s when it was hosted by Richard Dawson, who seemed to get a thrill out of kissing every woman contestant. Dawson left the show in the mid-80’s and hosting duties were left in the hands of Ray Combs, who a decade later left the show and eventually committed suicide.
In the mid-90’s, the producer’s were looking at reviving the show to it’s heyday and had signed original host Richard Dawson to host again. It was around this time, national auditions began and my then sister-in-law (TSIL), thought it would be a gas for our family to give it a run.
TSIL’s application was answered and she called me asking if I was interested – duh! ME! Of course I was interested. The audition was at a hotel (can’t recall which) in NYC and we had to bring our “family” to play a simulated game of Family Feud.
Our team consisted of: me, TSIL, TSIL’s mother, TSIL’s brother, and my sister Rose. I know this is going to sound arrogant but it happens to be the truth – I was friggin’ awesome and TSIL was pretty good as well. The rest of the bunch may just as well have been ashes in an urn.
When the producers are auditioning families for these show’s they aren’t so much looking for smarts but personality that will translate well on television – people that are potentially interesting to watch on television and for the most part, our group was a dud.
Unfortunately, Richard Dawson was nowhere to be found nor was there anything resembling a set. Our family was standing across from the other family and one of the producer’s served as the “host”. It was lots of fun!

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SM said...

That just sounds like so much fun! And too bad you didn't get to meet Richard Dawson! Although, I think I remember reading that when he came back after Ray Combs killed himself, he didn't kiss the lady contestants anymore.

Anyway, What a great experience regardless! Thanks for sharing!