Sunday, February 07, 2010

More on the 7 Things continued

Here’s what I’ve yet to elaborate on:
d. I’ve proposed to Joan Jett live on the radio.
e. I was at Joey Ramone’s birthday party one year.
f. I’ve auditioned for Family Feud.
g. I once quit a new job after 2.5 hours of the first day.

I’ve proposed to Joan Jett live on the radio.

Back in college, I was very involved in the radio station, I was the production director for some time and I also had several air shifts. Because I was deep in the heart of New York City, I knew there were opportunities in my midst and in those days, opportunity knocked more than usual in the month of October – which WNEW, the premiere rock station of the time, redubbed as “Rocktober”.
Every “Rocktober”, WNEW has what they called a “Shootout at The Hard Rock Cafe”, where in celebration of their anniversary as a radio station, they would broadcast from the Hard Rock (just a few short blocks from my radio station) and play host to many iconic figures and top stars of Rock and Roll. I occasionally took advantage of this opportunity by bringing a remote setup with me and attempt to get a little radio gold for our little college station that only aired on Manhattan cable FM.
As I arrived at the Hard Rock on this one day, I knew that Joan Jett was going to be there and she was my prime target on this day because I was a fan, because she was hot, and because I had a live microphone in my hand and wanted to make a little history.
After her interview with WNEW, she was brought out to a stretch limousine parked on West 57th. street, just outside the Hard Rock and a line formed quickly for a short meeting and autograph opportunity; I got in line with everyone else and waited my turn.
When I had gotten to the point where I was next, I was almost ready to bow out. My heart was racing and my palms were sweaty and the equipment I was lugging felt like it weighed a ton – but I couldn’t let my listener(s) down and I wouldn’t allow myself to back down from the task at hand.
After what I remember to be about 45 minutes or so, the time had come. The person before me had moved on and the security team, with whom I had received clearance before I got on line to have my equipment with me and recording, waved me in. I approached the car door and kneeled before the rock goddess and reach out my hand. Jett extended hers and without hesitation I looked her straight in the eye and said, “Joan, will you marry me?” The surrounding crowd reacted almost immediately and Jett grinned ear to ear and said, “that’s very sweet but I am in no way ready for marriage right now.” Again, almost immediately, someone from the crowd who overheard the interplay shouted, “she’s not quite ready for men…”
Jett’s gender preference in the sexual arena was of no interest to me at the time – all I saw was a hot rock and roll chick and an interesting opportunity. She took my notebook from me and signed an autograph and said, “very nice to meet you”. That was that and the entire transaction aired on 88.7 WTNY Manhattan Cable FM.

I was at Joey Ramone’s birthday party one year.

This was another cool thing I got to be a part of as a result of being involved with the college radio station. It was at a club in NYC, in the Union Square area and the band that was playing was newly signed to RCA and doing a showcase. I can’t for the life of me recall their name and am too lazy to go downstairs and dig out the cassette. The highlight of the night for me, was almost literally running into Joe Ramone. leaning against a a pole in his lankiness and just hanging out.
About halfway through the band’s set, they acknowledge Ramone’s presence and brought out a giant sheet cake. We all just hung out until about 3am – it was a total blast.

I’ve auditioned for Family Feud.

I wrote  a whole post on this…see the post below this one.

I once quit a new job after 2.5 hours of the first day.

The job was at a recording studio in New York City. I was so into music and I was also just naive enough coupled with believing that maybe this could be my in. I was told that if I were willing to take a data entry job, that perhaps I could learn the recording business by hanging around and eventually be promoted from within.
Clearly, I was both vulnerable and delusional and began to gain awareness to this fact by 10 am as I was chatting with my data entry cubicle neighbor who was sold a similar bill of goods as had many others. There was no intent other than to have me do data entry until I realized that it was all I was ever going to do at the company. At about 11:30, I went to my supervisor and asked if I could take my lunch so that I could keep one last commitment with my previous employer (a lie).
At 11:30, I left, never to return and never even called to ask for my paycheck. That was that.

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