Sunday, April 04, 2010

Time to Go Public

Hi blogger friends…much time has passed and I’ve been either silent or cryptic here. It’s time to come clean and let all of you know what’s been going on in my life and why this blog has been so quiet.
Divorce. That’s it…I know there are probably some of you who didn’t even know I was married. It’s been quite some time since I made any mention of family on this blog but if you go back to the  archives, I once did.
Regardless, the marriage had been a struggle for both of us for quite some time and we’ve discussed it, worked on it, thought about it, and been back and forth and then a few months back, we both decided that we should probably end our marriage before we just end up bitter and angry.
There’s no mystery, no skeletons in closets, no radical incidents, just two mature adults that grew apart.
I am doing fine. Time will be the greatest healer in this and everything else that needs to work out will – in the meantime, for those whose natural curiosity raise questions, I ask that you take a moment to realize that the answers to those questions do you no good other than to satisfy that curiosity and therefore, if you want to do something to help, I ask that you refrain from asking any of them. I assure you, when and/or if I need some help, with anything, I will ask and I have every confidence that those of you who truly are my friends will respond.
I suspect it will still take some time to get into some kind of groove and write here on this blog but I am not giving up on this medium – be well my friends and I’ll be back soon.


ria said...

sending you lots of positive vibes and thoughts

Chris said...

Ria - Thank you - it means alot!

egan said...

This medium is well suited for sharing these experiences. It's how you discover many things. I wish you luck and good on you for sharing. You're only human sadly this isn't an all too uncommon story. Take care buddy.

Rob C said...

and as always.. you remain my close friend. I am here as you need me to be here, and sometimes maybe when you don't think I need to be.

Talk soon..