Saturday, June 26, 2010

iPad – 2nd Date

apple While the photo is not flattering (it’s hard to take a good picture of yourself with a cell phone while holding an iPad), it does in fact depict me holding my work-issued iPad for extended use and review.
Back in early May, I posted “My 20 Minute Date with an iPad” where some might say I eased up a bit on my usual negativity over Apple products. Turns out that while some of what I said is true, after having had one in my possession for a couple of days, it is now clearer to see the evils of Steve Jobs and Apple, Inc. for the capitalist slime they are.
I think the most appropriate adjective I can find for Apple products is “engaging”. This is a good thing, I want to be engaged my technology, I am a techno-geek. However, When you look deeper, under the hood, at least for me, there’s a whole lot more style than substance when you consider the premium price Apple charges for their products.
The model iPad I have is a 64GB+3GS, which currently sells on their web site for $829. Quite frankly, the new iPhone 4 is a far better investment with way more capability at less than half the price (if you can stand inferior phone service – another Apple mishap agreeing to have ATT be the exclusive provider).
As a computing device, I would purchase any of the many netbooks in the marketplace before I would spend my own money on an iPad. A netbook is equally portable with eons more capability and computing power can be had for almost 1/3rd of the cost. In fact, even Apple’s own entry level MacBook at an overpriced $999 is a better investment for just a little more money.
Major iPad gripes:
  • 3GS – only ATT option and very expensive
  • Limited to no device connectivity – how about a USB port you cheap fucks! How about an easy way to connect to a printer!
  • iTunes – aside from being a mediocre piece of software at best, iTunes is the only method other than via Internet to manage data and apps on the iPad.
  • No camera – not that you would want to use a device this size to take a snapshot but a front mounted webcam would be useful.
  • At first glance, this wasn’t as obvious but now that I’ve had it a few days, I think it would have made more sense to include the full blown Mac OS and adapt it to the portability and touch screen of the iPad. If Apple does one thing really well it’s their OS and the full package is sorely missed on this device.
  • How about a built in mic and voice recognition?
Some positives on the iPad:
  • The virtual keyboard works great, especially on this screen.
  • iBook reader is neat (though I would opt for the $189 Kindle as a reader over the iPad any day).
The fact is, gladly, I didn’t pay out of pocket for this so my gripes are somewhat moot. I do enjoy trash talking Apple because they are always on their unwarranted high horse. They make good products – but they are way overpriced and for me, the hype and the cost is just unwarranted.
We’ll see if I can find some practical uses for it as time move ahead.


Joy said...

I'm glad to read this since I've been debating whether to get an iPad or not. My laptop isn't comfortably portable (17" HP Pavilion) partly because the bag is heavy but very protective, so I've thought about a netbook. All I need when I take it somewhere is web surfing, social networks, email, and photo downloading. Since I don't read as much as I think I will when on vacation, just taking the book is probably sufficient. I'm intrigued by the Kindle, though.

As usual, I'll consult you before making a purchase. :-)

Chris said...

Joy - a netbook will definitely be a better choice. There was an iPad update yesterday that did seem to take care of a few quirks but overall, it is still a very bitchy piece of computing equipment-and way overpriced (as is always the case with crApple).