Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Recently Written Collection of Haiku

I was reading a collection of Robert Frost poetry, a free download on the iPad. The plane had just taken off from Logan airport in Boston en route to Orlando, Florida and we were forewarned of some choppy air on the way up – then this came to me:
In flight with my thoughts
Reading Frost and getting lost
No more turbulence.

Sitting a few rows ahead of me was a couple that seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. It was obvious to me they were talking but I had no idea what they were saying because they were too far away to effectively eavesdrop. Therefore, I allowed my imagination to take over and came up with this:
Speaking in a code
Known only to each other
They spoke of their love.

While I was alone with my imagination, thinking about what others might be saying or thinking, one more haiku came to me after looking at he scenario above from a different angle – not imagining what was said, but that which was unsaid:
Sparingly, they spoke
It was with their eyes they talked
And I heard it all.

I was listening to a keynote on Wednesday (7/24) and when the speaker was making a particular point in a story referring to listening/hearing, I was instantly inspired, pulled out the iPad and came up with this:
Don't just listen, hear
If you speak, speak from the heart
Make a difference

It was a few days of busy time (with quite a bit of fun time) before I was scheduled to return to Massachusetts on Saturday (7/17); I was sitting on the sofa, relaxing in my quarters, watching television and just chilling out. I went to get the iPad because I wanted to review some notes I made and compulsively tapped the notepad and wrote this:
I'm heading back home
Thought I'd find some perspective
I won't stop trying

Flipping through the channels, I don’t remember the specific moment of inspiration and I can’t even recall now if I actually saw the “comedy and tragedy” masks or envisioned them as a result of something I saw or heard. However, the idea of the comedy and the tragedy struck me and I wrote this:
Like a comedy
I laughed, then, started to cry
Like a tragedy

The final two haikus I wrote on this trip was inspired by a weather report. The mere mention of rain somehow got the Neil Sedaka song “Laughter in the Rain” stuck in my head. I began singing the song in my head and next thing I knew, I found myself amused and thought about intentionally twisting the idea that one would normally find sadness in rain and happiness in sunshine – this is what I came up with:
Laughter in the rain
Depression in the sunshine
Twisted emotions

I thought that was it, I had put down the iPad and began to doze off for a bit. I had intended on taking a short nap and I guess my brain needed a brief rest.
I later met my colleague and his wife for lunch and worked my way to the airport afterwards for the worst part of traveling, the traveling… after 45 minutes or so in the JetBlue line, where I was delighted to be successful at nabbing a seat on an earlier flight, and an awfully long wait in the TSA line, I arrived at my gate and planned to see if there was wireless so I could kill the half hour wait with some Facebooking or other Internet based activity. I heard a nearby traveler mentioning rain and the time I spent earlier in my room came back to me.
This last haiku, composed at gate 110 in the JetBlue terminal at MCO came to me and is the closest of all here to the traditional Japanese poetry form:
Flowers in springtime
Sunshine kisses morning dew
Summertime bouquets


Joy said...

Like them especially the Twisted Emotions one!

Chris said...

Thanks Joy.

Anonymous said...

Love this, Alice! I always enjoy learning about the process behind someone's art; what moves them. I'm gonna take a guess that the last one is your favorite...or maybe it's just my favorite.
Love you...Shannon.
PS - The captcha says "azingosy" which makes me think of the glossary in the back of the Clockwork Orange book where I suspect most captchas come from.

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