Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tales from central Florida...Blackboard World 2010

What do Venezuela and Morocco have in common?
We are at a party hosted by one of the vendors, a sponsor of the conference and someone we do business with. The event is at a restaurant in the hotel and features a lovely open bar and a lovely paella featuring some serious prawn action.
After several plates of the luscious paella and a few Peroni's, I was jonesing for something sweet, none of which was to be found...that is, until I turned on the charm.
Throughout The evening, I was making small talk with the wait staff, in particular a lady from Venezuela named Kristelle and a lady from Morocco named Farah...just little chit-chat, where are you from, what brought you here, etc.
At some point, I caught both of their attention and motioned for them to come over to the table. I told them how nice it would be if the vendor had a table of desserts and how good a nice sweet dessert would be right now. I had them laughing but they said this event was just food and drink. Then I started asking them if they do the traditional restaurant thing and if so, how many times a day they had to sing the dreaded happy birthday....they continued to laugh and then, I went for the bleachers and said this...
"I can't imagine anyone wanting anything sweeter than the two of you, but boy, a little ice cream or s piece of cake would really hit the spot; I'm just sayin'." Soon after, they were on their way to wait on other table and 5 minutes or so later, as pi was deep into shenanigans and conversation, the two of them come out with this beautiful brownie sundae with a birthday candle in it (it wasn't my birthday) and just smiled. I thanked them both, gave them each a hug and then went on to eat my dessert (I did share it with my colleague's wife and niece) times!


Joy said...

Gaylord is evil. They messed up a lot of things in Nashville.

Chris said...

The evil empire!