Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blinking Green Light in Front of Me

Pretty fancy title for the first post here in the month of August (on the last day of said month). Here’s the thing, I had no idea how to title the post and in the nanoseconds I had to wait for the tool I use to write posts to open, I observed a blinking green light on my cell phone (which as you may have guessed, was on the table in front of me).
Since it’s freshest in my mind, let me touch on the Emmy’s. First off, Jimmy Fallon won himself a free pass in my book. From the brilliantest opening number, dare I say in the history of awards show opening numbers to a well rounded show and hosting gig. Next, kudos to the producers for producing a show for the current generation of television watchers (except for the dreadful appearance and arrogance of Al Pacino).
To my dear friend Annmarie – obviously, condolences on the loss of your husband John. But more, the pain and heartache you and your family have endured for so long. May the pain subside quickly, the joyous memories endure, and may each tomorrow be easier than each yesterday.
To my dear friend Tori – you are a good as they get. You have dealt with so much over the last five years and somehow, you always manage to be graceful under pressure and I’ve learned so much from knowing you. You always have you blogfolk, and for certain this blogger in particular in your corner.
For those of you who are aware of my personal life and those who’ve emailed and called me wondering how I am, I am doing fine. It’s a challenging time and not always pleasant thing to endure but I’ve done alot of soul searching and I am certain that the events in my life are all part of a bigger plan. I may not be at the peak of happiness, but I am grateful for the many blessings in my life and content to explore whatever may be next. I love all of you who have expressed concern and been there for me.
Thanks for sticking by me and this blog. I know I haven’t been around here much but I appreciate that you stick by me.