Saturday, December 31, 2011

News Notes

These are all very current news stories:

Verizon - Those asshats wanted to impose a $2 fee for paying your bill online. How f#@&%ng dumb is that! Thankfully, the people spoke and Verizon listened and one day later, has decied to retract the fee which was scheduled to go into effect on January 15th.

Russell Brand/Katy Perry end their marriage - I don't know Russell Brand (much less Katy Perry) but the guy does not present well, as far as I can see - He's quite, greasy! Look, they're both young and I suspect have a few more marriages in them before they settle down.

Samoa - Here's the first paragraph of a current news article: "Today is the day that Samoans will never see.
The tiny South Pacific island is moving west over the international dateline, and its citizens will lose a day of their lives as they jump 24 hours ahead." Intriguing!

Sears to close stores in 2012! Perhaps the first sign the world is ending if I think about what just the name "Sear's" meant when I was a kid. The company is 125 years old and in danger of extinction; ouch!

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis photographed together at Kansas basketball game - That dude Sudeikis is living the life, January Jones, now Olivia Wilde! WOW!

Van Halen announces 2012 tour with David Lee Roth - I say, big freaking deal. I don't bellieve they still ahve enough in them to sustain an entertaining concert event and I know they are far too pretentious to make the tickets be affordable - so, I think I might pass on this one. I've seen them three times, all with Sammy Hagar, who I like much better than Dave.

Finally, a sentence from a story that I'll leave you with to draw your own thoughts, feelings and conclusions: "A 99-year-old Italian man filed for divorce from his 96-year-old wife of 77 years after he found letters from an affair she had 60 years ago."

Friday, December 30, 2011

Two for 2011

On this penultimate day of the year 2011, I'd like to pay tribute to the two people who in 2011 I consider to be the most inspiring and amazing people of the year.

Number One, is the one and only Radioactive Girl, Tori. If ever there was someone the complete opposite of selfish, Tori is the one. Constantly putting others before herself and proving that there are good people in this world, certainly at least one, Tori is one of a very few people I know that constantly inspires everyone around her to be a better person. Despite adversity, Tori forges on, shoots for the stars and finds a way to reach them - plus, she's just about the best parent I've ever known.

Number two, Matthew Bolduc. At the age of four and a half, Mattie was diagnosed this year with Leukemia. In the seven weeks or so from the time he was diagnosed, Matthew showed everyone what bravery and courage meant and fought with all that he had - and won! Matty won his battle with Leukemia, going into remission in a very short time after treatment; he also won our hearts (not that he hadn't done that already) and taught us all a lesson about overcoming odds, fighting - even when it seems there is so much against your control, and about the power of prayer and love.

Torrie and Matty - you've both made me a better person and the world I walk in a better place; much love to both of you and here's to a great 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"Stupid" Christians

Because there are "stupid" people, I will clarify this right up front. The title of this post is not meant to imply that all Christians are stupid or that those who choose to be Christians are stupid for that reason. In fact, I myself am a Christian.

Comedian Bill Maher issued a tweet the other day that read, "Wow, Jesus just fucked bad! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler "Hey, Buffalo's killing them""
Here's the deal, if you took that as anything other than a joke (note, the job of a comedian is to tell jokes), and, if you mae a big deal out the statement, then I must put you in the category of being a "stupid" Christian.

Lighten up! If you really have any clue about God, you would realize that he has to have a sense of humor so maybe, you should think about getting one also. Now, if you don't think the tweet was funny, that's perfectly fine, comedy is subective but if you think anything else of it, you need to get yourself checked out or get a life - if the most important think you can do with oyur life is to make a big stink over that tweet, you have less than nothing going on in your life.

For the record, I thought that tweet was freaking hilarious!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Waiting for Cars and Watching Saints

For the second time in less than a month, I killed off hours of my day sitting around waiting for my car to be serviced. The first time involved a tire mishap, Which I posted  about here. This time, it was a combination of a general maintenance (oil change, tire rotation, etc.) and a recall - which was a somewhat major one. As a result of these maintenance needs, I spent three hours of my morning at Herb Chambers Honda in Westborough, MA. I tried to use my time as wisely as possible - I finished off the book I was reading, futzed around with my iPad and drank coffee.

I DVR'd the Saints/Falcons game from last night and was glad that I did. The Saints have become my second favorite team, right behind the Pats. I especially love to watch the Saints at home, the crowd is freaking electric! Congratulations to Drew Brees on breaking the single season passing yardage record!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Podcast:Adventures in Dessert-Christmas 2011 Edition

Herein lies a tale of a seemingly ordinary man wishing to bring a home made dessert to a friend's for Christmas and ending up embarking on an expensive adventure that can only be mocked in disbelief. In addition, there's a bit of small talk and soome great music beds.

You can listen right here:

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bad Idea #43971

Being alone on Christmas Eve. I had the opportunity to make plans, I don't know where I went wrong or why. With the exception of the few hours that my attention was focused on the Patriots game, regardless of how much I worked to keep myself busy, I felt really lonely today (technically, yesterday since I type this after midnight).

I did get some house cleaning done and I baked a cake for Christmas day and finally wrapped my daughter's presents.

Christmas day will be different.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Now Featuring Facial Hair (For a little while, unitl I decide to shave it off again)

Taken in my office, by my webcam, while I was listening intently to a boring selection of voicemails.

The X Failure

A few hours ahead of the winner being announce on The X-Factor, I want to officially declare the show a failure. I hope Josh wins, I think he's the best of the three finalists but regardless of who wins, where the ratings for the season ended up, the fact is, the show is a failure.

The show is about finding talent, mentoring that talent, then seeing them through the competition. The focus of the show, for the most part, should be on the contestants but clearly, the egos of the mentors/judges was far too big and dominated the shows to the detriment of the viewers and especially, to the contestants trying to realize their dreams.

If you happened to see The Voice, which premiered last year, this show is similar conceptually only it ended up working because the celebrity mentors put the contestants first, and checked their egos outside the building demonstrating mutual respect for each other and setting a good example to the contestants.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wah, Wah, Wah

Email from a student after seeing the grade they earned in my class:

Hi Prof,

l am really surprise about my grade , i am just going crazy right now. l need to get at list C to move on to next level. Please can you help me by giving me some assignment to do to get a better grade , even if you want me to come take final i am ready for it. Please help me, ls really hard for me , i can't even get money to take this class again. l am single mom, struggle to get better life and beside i paying for my own tuition. Please help me out and i know is hard. Thanks

I made it clear after posting the grades that if you wanted to dispute or question your grade, that they had to refer to the grading methodology on the syllabus and show me their computation before we can move foreward. So I told the student to re-read the requirement on Blackbaord (the online classroom) and get back to me. Here't the student's reply:

Hi Prof,

l read what you had on black board , but all i am pleading with you is to give me some assignment to do to boost my grade to C. l even thought i was going to get B in this class. l knew i did good in my Quizzes and the office assignment and you were even give me 83% . So i don't see why you going to fail me at the end of this course. Please help me , am not feeling good right now. l am ready to rewrite the assignment on discussion or take some quizzes again. Thank You!

The student is clearly in a fog - so I replied as follows:

The problem is why did you think you deserved a B? Look at your grades for each component of the course and do the math - the formula is on the syllabus. There are no surprises here at all - if you are paying any attention at all to your grades, you would not be surprised in any way, that's why I want you to do the math and present it with a rationale for why you think the grade is wrong (or realize it is right).

As far as giving you another assignment or additional work, I can't do that for you - if I do, I would have to do that for the entire class and every student in all of my classes or it would be unethical. The semester is over, the grade reflects the work and effort put in throughout the semester - you had plenty of opportunities to improve your grades throughout the semester - I provided comments throughout on the Discussion boards each time so you can improve but you didn't seem to follow any of my advice or notes.

There's nothing at this point you can do to improve your grade and I feel unreasonable to ask. If you knew at the start of the semester you had to get at least a C, then you should have done everything in your power to do work that reflected the grade you wanted to achieve and monitored your work throughout so that you could stay on track.

I wish you the best of luck.

Some of these people need a real kick in the arse!!!

Christmas Cards

I remember when I was a kid and my dad would prepare his Christmas cards. He at first had a paper list, with all the names and addresses written down and he would work his way down the list, checking off each name, sometimes over the course of a few days, and get the job done.

I remember one day asking him if he would like me to type the list out for him so it would be neater and after getting the go ahead, grabbed the old Royal manual typewriter out and typed away. I remember having to correct typos using this little card you would but between the paper and where the letter struck the page and it wold cover the error with a white dust that you could type the correct character over. Later, "Wite-Out" came along - it was pretty cheesy!

Years later, when I left the flock and lived on my own, I took on the tradition of writing out Christmas cards of my own and followed in my Father's methods of making a neat list, though in the mid 1980's, I had the sophistication of using a computer to maintain the list.

I kept up the tradition of sending Christmas cards until the year I separated from my ex-wife, where things were just awkward and tense. The following year, once the divorce had been final I decided I couldn't afford to send cards out any longer, which kind of still bums me out but money's much tighter with just my income and spending over a hundred bucks to send out cards just has to get dropped from the budget.

There was also a long period of time where Christmas, and holiday's in general were very difficult for me. Not having my parents around has made them so much darker than they ever were, that is, until my daughter came into my life. I've always tried to work hard to make the holiday special for my kid - it's a bit more of a challenge with two households to bounce between but she's a teenager now and is much more aware and flexible.

I just read this back and it seems to have transformed from a neat memory to a therapy session. Regardless, it's in print now. I hope all of you enjoy your Christmas :)

My Cat Likes The Christmas Tree

Every time I plug in the Christmas tree, my cat stops and stares at it for a while, seemingly mesmerized by the lights and decor; it's super cute to watch his expressions. Plus, he likes to drink from the water well at the base of the tree...LOL!

I don't like the fact that I've got the I want a new cell phone itch and at the same time, my cell phone has been acting a bit flaky. I need to let a little time pass before I get a new cell phone.

I had the chance to watch Tim Tebow play a game this past weekend as the Broncos hosted "my team", the New England Patriots. The kid has some good raw talent that could develop into something fierce. However, when it comes to being on the football field on game day, a little less praying, a little more praying. I'm a Christian, I don't shove my religion down anyone's throat and I don't want anyone to shove theirs down mine. He doesn't come off as religious to me as much as he comes off as insecure and annoying. Play the game on the field, thank God for your talents when you get home.

I'm trying to learn more about the new timeline feature in Facebook before I eventually get switched over automatically, which is what I presume will happen. It scares me because just about every Facebook "upgrade" has sucked.

Enough for now.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Lucky 33 Meme

I stole this from a blog whos specializes in steling memes; prefereable stolen ones.

1. Can you cook? Yes, I had to learn because I was pretty poor and needed to eat food that didn’t require a hazmat suit to prepare or dispose of.

2. What was your dream growing up? That a monster would crawl out from under the bed, grab a limb that may have been unprotected by the blanket, and drag me into the world of monsters and evil.
3. What talent do you wish you had? I wish I could play piano, or any musical instrument.

4. Favorite place? Of the places I’ve been, Northern California is pretty hard to beat, though Prince Edward Island was quite special as well. That Hawaii has its special spots as well.
5. Favorite vegetable? I haven’t met too many veggies I don’t like though I’m not sure I’d be heartbroken if Okra suddenly disappeared.

6. What was the last book you read? Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life, by Steve Almond.
7. What zodiac sign are you? Sagittarius, not that it matters.

8. Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? No. I did once have an earring in my right ear and there are traces of a piercing hole still there but otherwise, no.
9. Worst Habit? Attempting introspection in search of my worst habit.

10. Do you personally know anybody on Blog? Who wrote this question? I know many bloggers – does that count?
11. What is your favorite sport? Baseball and Football

12. Negative or Optimistic attitude? Somewhere in between?
13. What would you do if you were stuck in a lift (elevator) with someone of the opposite sex? Ask her which of us should use our cell phone to initiate a rescue then make small talk. After about an hour, I may try to convince her that this might be the end and perhaps some elevator sex might make it less horrific.

14. Worst thing to ever happen to you? Being mugged at gunpoint or knife point were pretty horrible but I gotta say, not listening to the doctor who insisted I take the prescribed narcotics at a specific time post-surgery and ended up in so much pain that I consciously considered hacking off my own leg to stop the pain.
15. Tell me one weird fact about you: I can write on a chalk board with both hands simultaneously – forward with my right hand and in revers with my left.

16. Do you have any pets? Yes, my cat Oliver.

17. Do you know how to do the Macarena? Maybe, I’m sure it isn’t pretty and I may screw it up if you pressured me to do it alone.
18. Is the sun shining where you are now? Not particularly.

19. Do you think clowns are cute or scary? Yes, I do.
20. If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be? Nicer teeth.

21. Would you be my good angel or bad angel? Depends on the moment and the mood.
22. What color eyes do you have? Brown

23. Ever been married? Yes, I was a one time.
24. Bottle or Draft?  Draft

25. If you won £10,000 today, what would you do with it? After getting over the shock of winning a bounty in England, where I’ve never been, I’d probably convert the pounds to American dollars and put half aside for my kid’s education, donate a percentage, then, of the remainder, save half and have fun with half.
26. What kind of bubble gum do you prefer to chew? Orbit, Sugar-Free

27. What's your favorite bar to hang at? Not much of a barfly at this point in my life.

28. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, though it might be more accurate to say I don’t disbelieve in them.

29. Favorite thing to do in your spare time? I love spending time with friends and hanging out with my daughter (while she still lets me hang out with her).

30. Do you swear a lot? Not as much as I once did but probably more than I should.
31. Biggest pet peeve? The only time I have a hard time rattling off pet peeves is when I am asked what my pet peeve’s are. That being said, it really drives me bananas when people don’t use their turn signal while driving.

32. In one word, how would you describe yourself? Affable.
33. In two words, how would you describe yourself? Caring friend.


The Occupy Movement - Confusion at best.
I consider myself on the liberal side of the fence and am supportive of the right of  tax paying American citizen to protest in this country. However, I think if a group of people is going to protest, they must have a unified and clear message, they must be truly organized, and they must have a clear focus. After months of observing the occupy movement , and having spoken to a number of folks who've wither participated at some level or been amongst the protesters in some capacity - I am more convinced than ever that I can't suppor tthis particular protest; I don't believe there is a clear focus or message being delivered and I believe that the protesters are doing more damage to public property that all citizens, protesters and otherwise, should have equal access to.

Friday, December 16, 2011

10 things later on a Friday night…

I snatched this from Brookem over at Skrinkering Hearts:

1. How do you eat your eggs? Most of the time I use egg beaters or some equivalent, so as to help keep my cholesterol in control. I’ll typically either just scramble them with some simple spices or do some sort of an omelet. On a rare occasion, I do enjoy the delight of a deviled egg.

 2. Do you volunteer?  I do spend quite a bit of time volunteering for various ministries at church.

 3. What’s your favorite brand of jeans?  Most of the time I just grab a pair of $20 or less Wrangler’s. I can’t bring myself to spend big bucks on a pair of pants.

4. What was your child’s first word? Or what was your first word?  I first met my child when she was 4 and at that time, she spoke only Portuguese-which even now I only have a command of about 11 words. In short, I must confess that I don’t know the actual answer to this question.

 5. Can you french braid?  Perhaps the best response to this question is to not respond but keep in mind, I was a boy scout, so I know my knots.

 6. Do you prefer wide rule, college rule, or blank paper?  For ruled applications, I like the college ruled variety.

 7. Is there a specific treat that you always make during the holidays?  Surprisingly, no.

 8. Do you have a KitchenAid mixer? Do you want one?  I do, a 6 qt. professional model.

 9. What kind of computer do you use?  I have an HP desktop and an HP laptop, which doesn’t necessarily mean I have any particular affection for HP – it just worked out that way.

 10. Favorite Christmas movie?  From the classics, Frosty the Snowman; there is nothing more satisfying to me than hearing Frosty say “Happy Birthday”. From the modern day collection, Elf.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yawning With the Stars

I definitely need to get on a program to get more sleep.
I've got the holiday blues.
TPMS sensor lit up the day after I had a new sensor put in. I had to bring the car back in...seems they figured it out but I had to waste another hour or so and waste a friend's time as well.
Done for now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tire(d) or Car Ownership Has It's Drawbacks

It started on Monday night. I was at church for a vestry meeting and as I pulled out of the parking lot, I hit a pothole and immediately my Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) light went on. I shouted an expletive then pulled over to assess the damage and couldn't see well but didn't think it looked as if there were a flat but I drove home slowly just in case. When I got the car in the garage, I put the lights on and again, no sign of a flat and I thought perhaps the TPMS light came on coincidentally at that time and it was just my air pressure was lower than it should be and a warning to that effect.

This morning, again, I inspected the tires and no apparent problem but I decided to go to a gas station for air and check the pressure all around and top off where necessary and monitor for a leak. I get to the station, add a bit of air to one tire, then go to the next to add air and the valve gets pushed all the way in rendering the tire flat and useless without repair.

Oh, I forgot to mention that half the way to the gas station, I remembered that I have my own air compressor just for this purpose in my garage and could have added air right there at home. Anyway, in my dressy work clothes, I had to change a tire (I could have called AAA and usually do but I had getting to work on my mind and that would have taken an additional hour).

So I get to the Firestone shop, where I have a road hazard warranty and hope for the best. Turns out that while the tire valve repair was free, thanks to the road hazard warranty, my TPMS sensor was broken and need replacing - this wasn't under warranty. The guy said her can get one sent over from the dealer relatively quickly so I decided to wait.

Long story (literally) short, around three hours all together and approximately $81 later, I drove off to work.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Customer Loyalty Means What?

It pisses me off that every time I see a Verizon add trying to attract new customers, the deals they offer are better than what I get as a loyal customer for many years. I'm picking on Verizon in this particular example but they are not alone in this practice.

Through my last billing period, I had been receiving a $20 per month "loyalty" credit that expired. I called to ask if I can continue to receive this to which they outright said, "NO, I am sorry but we can't offer you that promotion any longer. You can downgrade your package though to save money." WHAT? Downgrading my package wouldn't "SAVE" me anything - sure I would pay less, but I'd be getting less and just as now, would be getting what I pay for and paying for what I receive - no more "loyalty credit" though I am remaining "loyal".

I told the woman I spoke with that I understand that she is doing her job and that it may simply not be in her authority to offer me more. I told her to leave a note for a supervisor to return a call to me though because I am considering cancelling all services and switching to the competitor after teh new year unless I can get a rational and/or honest response.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

You Deserve It

Have you seen this game show yet? I haven't yet gotten through an episode without tears. The premise is that everything the contestant wins, is for someone else; someone they think "deserves" it. There is something very feel-good about this show and in fact, I am so moved by it, I just now completed an application to be a contestant. I can't say more, or I may render myself ineligible but I can without a doubt, recommend watching this show.

Friday, December 09, 2011

The Groomsmen

How about another home video? This is my cat Oliver - he's darn cute!

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Today, a short simple post that may or may not make you laugh. A new sniglet I created:

Incognative: the intentional masking of one's feature's/attributes that identify their heritage.

Thank you for your time, I hope I made you laugh.

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Facebook Makes Birthday's Tolerable

I love birthday's on Facebook! from the minute you first log in until deep in the day, it's a constant flow of birthday love, like, affection, acquaintance, sentiment, what have you. The thing is, you don't feel alone, whether you are or not and that, is wonderful.

Here are some whimisical brithday interactions:

Text from friend Barbara:
"Good morning and happy, happy, birthday to u!!!!! Yay!!!
My response:
Thx...I really do look fantastic for this many years old.
Her response:
U r hot stuff! :D
* * * * * * * * * *
FB Friend:
Happy 1 year closer to retirement day!
My reply:
When you get this old, that's the prevalent
* * * * * * * * * *
Here's phot of a card I got that made me chuckle:
The inside reads: Happy Birthday, You wear it well.

Love my my Gaga!

Monday, December 05, 2011

USPS Woes, It's Their Own Damn Fault

There's a lot of talk about the USPS and the trouble they've been in and today, they announced they are now likely to close many of the processing facilities that are "crucial to next day delivery". So it looks like "snail mail" will evolve truly into "Snail mail" and in fact, there is talk that ultimately, mail delivery will go down to one day a week.

It's kind if sad but no surprise. The post office is such an unappealing place and so poorly run, it surprises me that they were able to survive as long as they have. Most postal workers have horrible personalities and are mean and angry - amongst the worst customer service workers I've ever seen.

Then, anytime I have packages, there seems to be zero consistency about how to mail it and how much it will cost. Every different counter jerk has a different story about why I can't send it this way unless I send it that way so so forth. Then, the amount of paperwork is insane and there's zero logic to any of it. It shouldn't be so fucking complicated to send a simple package and you shouldn't be so fucking mean to me when I am trying to do it. So, in a few months when you are out of work, I am not really going to feel so freaking bad for you because you've treated me like shit for ever.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

The "W"

Since October of 2010, I've made a very concerted effort to take good care of myself. For example, since October 9, 2010, I've never missed a day of exercise, despite say the past week where I've been as sick as I've ever been, I still find a way to exercise. On that day as well, I basically gave up eating processed sugar, I am very on top of that since I was diagnosed at that time as a "pre-diabetic" and am working diligently to not develop type 2 diabetes, a disease that I spent a lifetime watching dismantle before taking my mother's life.

I've lost around 40 pounds since that October 2010 day, have maintained this new weight and lived a much healthier lifestyle having avoided many bad foods other than processed sugar, such as fast food and the sort. This past week, I've been sick, real sick, needing medicine and a doctor sick. I haven't been able to even put food into me sick because I have no appetite sick. Today though, I woke up hungry, for the first time in a week and I had the urge for a freaking burger so darn bad. Having recently seen a barrage of commercials for "The W", from Wendy's, my favorite burger maker of the major chains, and being the closest to my house, for lunch today, I treated myself to "The W" after a medicine run.

I've gotta say, I can only rate it in the spectrum of a "fast food burger" and given that, I can easily call it awesome and delicious.

Now, I must go back to my meds and my bed because clearly, I am ill.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Sleeping it Off?

Around 6ish, I was tired from not getting enough sleep the night before, I had started hallunicating instead, I am guessing as a side effect of the narcotics - which I had then stopped immediately!

Anyway, I was hoping to get a couple hours in and found myself getting more - I woke up at 10:30 this evening, and having sweated out what must've been a fever, through two shirts.

This freaking respiratory infection has kicked my ass a few times over! Very humbling. I have listened to a lot of podcasts....

Friday, December 02, 2011

December Birthday's (Some of them)

Jennifer Oberle - Happy to have gotten to see ya twice this year - your gig in Stamford with Five for Fighting and just last month at Michelle's wedding in NOLA. Keep on rockin' dear friend! One day, I'm gonna make it out to LA to hang with you and Stevie.

Jill O'Connor - Enjoyed hanging on Thanksgiving - still love the Dictionary game a bunch!
Allie G - so super glad we've reconnected via FB. I hate that you've had to go through some crappy stuff recently - get your but up to MA and teach me some of that Zumba.

Carol - yours is the one birthday easiest to remember cause of course, it's the same as mine! Happy B'day cuzz!

Rob Marinoff - BUBBA!!!! the official necrologist of FB!

Kathleen (White) Lennon - We've known each other over 40 years! I'm fairly certain you were my very first crush - LOL! Miss you old friend.

Steven - My nephew - your a fine young man....hope to see you soon!

Thursday, December 01, 2011


After getting increasingly sicker since Saturday, what started as an allergic cough has knocked me out. I haven't slept more than 2-3 consecutive hours since it started and the last few days have seen periods of high fever.

This morning I sought medical attention and was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and left with a script for antibiotics and narcotic based cough medicine.

I can only hope that the infection is bacterial, so that there is hope that the antibiotics will cure the infection and I can get some relief.

Having had a similar thing in the past, deep in my brain, I know it will go away but geez, when cough to the point where your breathing is impaired, feel like your lungs are bleeding through your nostrils - it's hard to think about anything but wanting relief.

However, in the moments, though very brief and rare, where I find a position where I can breath and not cough for more than a few minutes in a row, I stop and realize that this is really nothing compared to what others with more serious illnesses endure. It's not to minimize the severity of what I have or the pain I feel, it's to appreciate that my body is well enough to heal from this and in a few weeks, it will be a thing of the past while there are so many people of so may different ages and walks of life who battle far more serious illnesses.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I've been very sickly thus week, a cough that's ttotally kicked my ass.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Quick Points

  • I'm still memserized by Lady Gaga
  • There's no one left on The Amazing Race that I care about
  • There's an iPhone 4S waiting for me at work
  • Fiber One and/or Fiber Plus bars can be "dangerous"
  • The CMA (Country Music Association) Awards this year may have been the most entertaining awards show I've ever seen
  • I'm always torn whether or not to use periods at then end of bulleted text items.
  • Please use my Amazon link to do any of your Amazon shopping; its the big box at the right side of this blog, usually near the top
  • I tend to use the semicolon more than I once did and am not always 100% certain it's warranted (though I convince myself that I am right to use it)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Tights Situation

Go ahead, look at it for a while. Click on the picture to see it larger if you must.This picture was taken outside of the community college where I work and it puzzles me. How does a pair of tights end up on the steps like that? I hate even thinking about it but can't help it. YIKES!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stomach Full

I don't eat lots of food anymore, especially in any one sitting. Turns out, when you do something like that, the old belly lets you know you did something you shouldn't have done and you begin to think that the only shot of anything you desire is a viscous pink wintergreen flavored liquid.

Great fun, despite the belly issues, over at Linda's and glad that Bill was able to be there along with Jill and Bryan, Little Joss and Littler Calvin, Joe and Erin, and Vanessa and Victoria. The food, the games, the fun - great night!

I'm thinking tomorrow is a good day for laundry. Oh, and I taped Lady Gaga's Thanksgiving TV special, I did - can't wait to see it. I love me some Gaga!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ten for Turkey Day!

I’m jumping in on the bandwagon with the Ten on Tuesday game, as stolen from Brookem who stole it from someone else!

1. What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?
Going to my friend Linda's. I've spent Thanksgiving with her family many times now over the last decade, it's always a fun time.

2. What are you most thankful for this year?
Wonderful friends, my health, and a new president at the college where I work who has restored hope and a positive attitude.

3. Do you have any traditions on Thanksgiving? The parade? Football? Long naps?
Nothing specific. In the 1970's and 1980's, I was a Dallas Cowboys fan so the football game was a must and there was always a large family celebration; no specific traditions though.

4. Is it called stuffing or dressing? Is it in the bird or a separate dish?
Stuffing!  Growing up, my mom always stuffed the bird and that's how it always was. As an adult whose studied cooking, I recognized that it's better not to stuff the bird and if I were cooking, I'd cook it in a separate dish and "stuff" the bird with aromatics.

5. Do you cook?
I do cook, though I hate to cook Thanksgiving dinner. the last time I hosted a Thanksgiving meal, I bought a prepared dinner, all I had to do was heat it up - just as good and gave me much more time to spend with my family.

6. What is your favorite dish?
Assuming this is in reference to the Thanksgiving meal, then my favorite dish is usually the stuffing. However, I must have at least one slice of the jellied cranberry sauce from a can, the one with the lines from the can - need it (perhaps that can be considered a tradition).

7. What is your dessert preference?
I am a huge fan of dessert, no major preference though in the spirit of the day, a sliver of Pumpkin Pie is typically a requirement.

8. What is your favorite Thanksgiving memory?
Not sure. So many different memories of family gatherings but they all kind of blend in. There was a funny time recently where I was driving in my neighborhood and on Thanksgiving day, there were three wild turkeys just roaming the streets - it seems as if they were taunting the cars passing by daring them. Perhaps the turkeys were playing chicken!

9. Do you plan to shop on Black Friday?
No chance at all. I think "Black Friday" should be banned!

10. What are you most dreading about Thanksgiving this year?I dread nothing about the day itself but I do dread every day after into the new year where once relatively simple commutes will become horrendous for a stupid reason.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Seasons Change(d)

Here we are just a couple of days from Thanksgiving and I find myself in something of a mixed mood. This particular season of holidays has been quite tough for me to get through for quite a few years, since the passing of my parents.

I've always loved Thanksgiving. For most of the past number of years, I spend it at my friend Linda's house with her family. It's always a good time there - the food id good, the company is good and there's always plenty of wine and games and good fun with good people.

As Thanksgiving closes though, I get haunted by my old days in retail, of which that world has become even more demonic with the advent of "Black Friday" and the sort. The idea that now people will alter their plans for Thanksgiving so they can get up at the crack of dawn (or earlier), trample people to death if necessary (it's happened) to save $11 on some piece of shit that will likely not even be appreciated.

All that shopping mentality and running around frantically, creating unbearable traffic and making the everyday necessary commutes less bearable than they already are, it so not conducive to the spirit of the holiday season.

Here's to getting through it all.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Connecting Souls

I wrote this poem in May of 1999:

Connecting Souls

From yesterday, a soul was lost
a spirit hidden deep
a mind so full of life and dreams
a heart laid down to sleep

For six long years, all words were lost
a life so numb and dark
till one day, I looked before me
and a light came from her spark

It started in her eyes
so blue, the ocean’s roar
my heart no longer dormant
my soul began to soar

In the mirror of her heart
I’ve found the me I know
the dreams I lost in yesterday
are free once more to grow

Connecting souls have found their way and thus,
my heart once more can feel
inspired by the heavens
this gift of love, so strong, so real

With purpose in my life once more
and dreams of what’s to come
I’ll try to heed the prophet’s words
and nurture what’s begun

Come take my hand, oh precious love
let’s walk new roads together
as the moving sea between our souls
flows into forever

Saturday, November 19, 2011


  • I don't recall if I ever posted the symbol above. A few years back at work, I was having one of those weeks (or two) and decided to emulate Prince by changing my name to a symbol; the graphic above was (unofficially) my name for a time (LOL).
  • I got a bunch of assignment marking done. Sometimes that can be painful!
  • How do I motivate my 13 year old daughter to do better in school? She's so intelligent and smart but she just won't do her work and I have no idea why! It makes me so sad because I know she has so much potential and I want her to have opportunities.
  • I was quite touched at the farewell of Regis from morning television. I went to college a few blocks away from the studio where Live is recorded and back at the very beginning of the show, before it went national and Cyndy Garvey was the co host, I was an audience member a few times.
  • Cheers to Sprizee for giving BOA the boot. I too have such aspirations but I haven't gotten around to it as of yet.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Piano Has Been Drinking

Throughout the day, I've had several blog post ideas that I was literally too busy to jot down. Of course by this time, I can barely stay awake, much less recall what I wanted to say. However, there's always a good time for this - super funny and a little awesome.

Here's Tom waits, from a 1977 performance on the show :Fernwood Tonight. Everything about this video is awesome.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


  • On Ricky Gervais returning to host the Golden Globes: Bravo to the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. for hiring back the best awards show host in a very long time.
  • On Billy Crystal hosting the Oscars - big fucking deal, he hasn't been funny or relevant in a long time.
  • On the idea of black Friday: everything, and I mean everything about it is stupid and meaningless and it only serves to diminish the spirit of Thanksgiving and he holiday season that follows.
  • On this headline, "Rihanna Named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive": No fucking way!
  • On the Nick and Artie show: "It's good to hear Artie again".
  • On Hope Solo being eliminated from DWTS: It was the right move if we're judging the dancing. I hate to see her go because there's something quite delicious about her.
  • On this statement in the news, "A report released today by the Republican leaders of a Congressional committee calls for the Transportation Security Administration to slash its work force, minimize its role in screening passengers and make public its performance results, among other recommendations.": First time I've agreed with a Republican in a long time. I hate the TSA!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Times Like These

Right now it's hard for me to give a crap about:
  • What sports team won or lost what game buy how much.
  • What politician is saying what about what other politician.
  • What (or who) any of the Kardashian girls are doing at any given moment.
  • The top of the charts, the bottom of the barrel, or anything in between.
Right now, there's a 4 1/2 yr old boy, the son of a friend of mine, battling Leukemia and it's hard for me think about anything else these last few days. I can't help but want to hug my own child and hold her tight and just be thankful every second that she' healthy. I want to find some way that I can do something meaningful for young Matthew's parents, I've offered to prepare a meal or run errands - not that that will do anything that really matters - I now all they want is for their little boy to get better.

Please think good thoughts, prayers, whatever it is you do in situations such as this.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Walking the Walk

My friend Ted is someone I've learned so much about so many things from. He's one person that doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

In January, he's leaving for Columbia to work as a missionary for at least 3 years. Ted has spent a lot of time traveling to areas of the world most people would never consider going to and with the intent of finding ways to make the lives of people in those areas better.

Ted is a true inspiration and I am wishing him well on his mission.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Vertigo, Please Vertigo Away

It seems that I am battling another random bout of vertigo. I think the most difficult part of managing this is being certain that it is a by product of BPPV, or something more drastic.

This all started the evening of my 40th birthday, which is documented here. Eventually I was diagnosed with BPPV, which made me happy a little becuase my first thought was some kind of brain tumor.

I'll hang tight for a few days and if persists longer than a normal bout, I'll get it checked out. Not fun in the meantime though.

Friday, November 11, 2011


This is not a happy post. My friend Christina's young son, around 5 years old, was recently diagnosed with leukemia. This is such crushing news and one of those things that kind of shakes you when you hear it.

For me, this is one of those weird times where I find myself challenging the very faith I need to call upon, and reply on to get through it all - how does a parent resolve this?

Christina and Mike - I am praying for Matty every day. I am so sorry that you are going through this.

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Inspiring Minds

One of the adjunct English professors is having her student do a pretty cutting edge assignment where they are creating a video essay. She did this once before and it was kind of thrown together and I was called in to support the project in its technical aspects and manage the flipcam loans and teach how to edit video. The end result was very interesting and I think some learning was dome by the students and those of us in the role of educators.

For this semester, I was again called in but dates changed and I had to present to two sections, one at 8 and the other at 9 this morning. I had no real time to prepare so I did my presentation off the cuff and tried to apeal to the createive aspect of the project and reach the students from a different perspective. Apparently, it worked. Here's a note I received a few moments ago from the teacher that assigned the project:

Dear Chris,

Your presentation today was terrific. It was spot on, inspiring and moving. You expressed the nature and heart of the project so beautifully. It really helped move the understanding of the project along. The students were spellbound. Can you please bottle it so we can use it again?

Thank you.
Pretty rewarding.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Scatting Through The Day

After getting home after midnight from my travels, getting thrown by gaining my hour in a time zone one hour earlier then giving it back returning to eastern standard time then waking up in the darkness of the very early morning - it was not an easy day to get through.

I was rather productive however - aside from a handful of clever saves on the job, since getting home, I've completed three loads of laundry, prepared dinner for me and my daughter, made me a bitchin' vegetable juice, picked up some things waiting for me at the library, and prepped a few packages for the mail tomorrow.

I'm out for now.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Natchez and Coffee

The bride and groom had a lovely breakfast gathering yesterday morning for all wedding guests, as there were a lot of out of towners, it was a nice way to gather once more to say goodbye in a less hectic atmosphere than the actual wedding day. It was a casual but wonderful gathering and really nice to socialize and just hang out for a couple of hours.

After saying all of my goodbyes to he people I've known for many years and the ones I just met, and of course to the bride and groom, I made my way through the streets of NOLA once more.

I knew I was planning to take a lunch cruise on the Mississippi river aboard the Steamboat Natchez but I also knew that after breakfast, the 11:30 cruise would be too early, so I bought passage on the 2:30 departure.

I then went for another attempt at Cafe du Monde and was defeated yet again by a monster line I was unwilling to wait on. So, I made my way along the French Market and I weaseled in and out of several spots along the French Quarter before coming back to Decatur street toward Canal and stopped into one of the Cafe du Monde factory stores to pick up a few boxes of their beignet mix for a few friends and a can of the chickory coffee blend for myself.

I walked back to my hotel and dropped of the stuff taking a scenic route down blocks I hadn't seen previously. After a brief rest, I walked again this time down into the Warehouse District; I wanted to see where Emeril's original restaurant was. I then proceeded down Julia street to and through the Riverwalk, then through Harrah's casino.

Next up, Peaces records where I admired an impressive vinyl collection then off to the dock behind Jackson Brewery (which is no longer a brewery, but a mall). While waiting to board, some last plays a steam calliope atop the steamboat. The calliope is interesting for the first song or two then begins to feel like someone drilling through your frontal lobe with boiling lava.

After boarding, I ate a massive lunch with delicious southern fried chicken, baked beans, corn bread, Mac and cheese, slaw and bread pudding; it was enough food to sustain me the rest of the day and pretty much through until breakfast today.

The cruise itself was okay but it was very relaxing, I love being on the water and the engine room was super cool. When the cruise returned two hours later, I made one more attempt at Cafe du Monde where while relatively full from the meal on the ship, since there was no line, I had to take advantage. I ordered a decaf Cafe au Lait with an order of beignets. I had to remove as much of the sugar as I could for health reasons (I should have ordered them naked but I didn't want to.. You know what I mean) but it was all great. The hot fried glob of dough and the coffee... I had just days before ranted about how pretentious coffee has become with these boutique cafes, but this was for certain the best cup of coffee I ever drank.

The rest of the day I basically relaxed; I had done lots of walking and so I made it back to the hotel and rested for a couple of hours then just hit a bar to hang for a beer and some hanging with whomever was there to hang with before one last stroll through the French quarter then back to get some sleep.

As I write this at just before 9 am local time, I've already had my morning workout, breakfast and showered. Iay or may not return to Emeril's for lunch but I am going to take the longer, more "scenic" route to the airport using public transportation.

Catch you all from back home.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Insaner than Vegas?

Las Vegas has been one of my favorite places to visit in short spurts because it's so eclectic and just wild enough that you can ease in and out of it rather swiftly. I've always love the insanity of it from the perspective of an avid people watcher but last night, I witnessed something way insane than anything I've seen in Vegas; it's name is Bourbon street.

If you ever had a question about the true definition of the word "uninhibited", or if you actually thought you knew the definition but have never been to Bourbon street, then I must challenge your knowledge.

I've seen a fair number of peculiar things: I watched as a homeless man pulled down his sweats and just dropped a deuce on the median strip onBroadway and sixty something street, I've seen the Red Hot Chili Peppers take the stage and play an entire song wearing but a sock on their something that rhymes with sock...but on Bourbon street, I think the souls of its inhabitants are being haunted and just a little bit of evil seeps in and sometimes, seemingly more often than not, people do things that perhaps they may or may not ordinarily do.

As an observer, I was partially scarred but not necessarily in a bad way. I'd be lying if I didn't say I had something of a fascination with trying to understand not only why people do things but the effects of what and where are equally intriguing.

If I've learned anything about at least two things I know for sure that New Orleans has it sinners and Saints (though apparently getting Saints tickets will cost you big-I tried, and failed).

Saturday, November 05, 2011

(French) Quarter of Nine

I started my day with a 7 am workout in the hotel fitness center; it was my first ever workout on an elliptical and I'm not yet sure how I feel about that.

I had a little breakfast, in the hotel lobby, then hit the showers while trying to figure out how to best kill a couple of hours before the wedding this afternoon.

I decided to takes stroll through the French Quarter so off I went first to Canal St. from here, then down Bourbon, then down St. Peter on to Decatur and then some equally random method back.

I'm certain the FrenchQuarter at night is very, very different at night but I am also guessing the morning view tells something of a story about what the night might be like.

I found it very interesting that everyone seemed to be scrubbing down the streets with soapy water and water hoses and there were these large trucks also spilling out soapy water at high pressure... made me very curious about what it is they might be scrubbing away.

Bourbon street is loaded with adult oriented establishments, Larry Flynnt's name seems to appear on every block. I made it down to the famous Cafe du Monde but was unwilling to endure a very long line to get in so I just continued to soak up the vibe of tourists, vagrants, artists, musicians and whatever else was available.

Looking forward to the view at night. Later for now.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Travel Anxiety

I love going places but al most always hate getting there. Air travel is so over-stressful thanks to the stupid TSA (and of course the slighlty stupider terrorists that gave rise to the TSA). I am trying to make it so that my travel for this trip is all carry-on but I am now forced to pay very close attention to the vague details of TSA carry-on policies that seem to vary from agent to agent despite being written a particular way that would make them appear to be standardized to the average (and perhaps even below average) traveler.

The good thing is I am going to New Orleans for the first time! My friend Michelle, an old neighbor growing up, is tying the knot. Michelle's brother Dave and I were in the same Boy Scout troop - he'll be there, I haven't seen him in decades. My dear friend Jen is her Matron of Honor - so it'll be good to see her and I presumer Michelle's other brother Matt along with ehr parents will be along and who knows who or what else will happen but I am ready for some fun!

I will report to y'all from NOLA tomorrow-ish!

TSA check was like nothing. All that anxiety and preparation and I barely got a feel on the calf.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Paying it Forward

I'll start with my FB post from yesterday evening:
"Someone gave me a scratch ticket as a gift today because I helped them with their computer - apparently saved a bunch of work they were super worried about...well, the good news is, that scratch ticket was a 1 in 28,800 victory worth $200! I'm gonna pay it forward a bit and do something nice for a friend."

I'd have written about this in yesterday's post but yesterday's post was set on auto pilot so I let it be. It's very rare to have a windfall and while this isn't a huge amount of money, as was the case any other time cash fell into my lap, but I have tried to make a concerted effort to pay it forward.

A couple of years ago, it was super easy. I had a few tickets to a ball game and auctioned them off yielding $501 from a pair of tickets that I paid under $100 for. So, I donated the entire $501 to Katrina Relief in New Orleans and it  felt great to do it.

Not to long after that, won a $200 gift card for Home Depot. I went to home depot and exchanged it for two $100 gift cards - I kept one for myself and gave the other to a friend who had just bought a house. The reaction was so great - I love just that type of happiness and appreciation that can only come from someone who genuinely appreciates nice gestures (though it always saddens me a little that such niceties are so rare).

There was a time when a friend of mine won a gift card and we were all excited and cheered her on. A few days later, I received a really sweet thank you card from her along with that gift card from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I was overwhelmed because I didn't think I did anything that I wouldn't do for any of my friends but the gift card was so perfectly timed as well as I was eyeing something I couldn't afford to buy until that card came along.

I believe in the whole paying it forward idea - not just with money but in general. My whole philosophy on teaching and education is based on the the idea of paying it forward and while it isn't always the easiest thing to do, it always feels good.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Schooling It

I guess I have a thing going for schools. I work and teach in a school, I've been having some dental work done at a dental school and earlier this evening I had my hair cut at a beauty school.

While waiting for my haircut, I began laughing out loud playing out a silly scenario in my head. I pictured a teacher at the beauty school having to tell one of the students that they were being released from the program, fluning out and then running a highlights reel set to "Beauty School Dropout" from Grease. Does this make me insane? Does me telling this to the poor soul who cut my hair make me insane?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Next Up in Podcast Land and Other Things

  • I came up with an idea for my next music podcast series: "Only God Knows Why: The Legend of Johnny Kool". This is the title of a CD I created as a gift to my brother John. There is an interesting mix of songs and liner notes that I wrote and I'll be sharing it all in a 3 part series. The thin is, my time is super limited in the very near future so I don't think it'll be ready to go for like two weeks or so.
  • Hopefully mentioning it here will serve as a reminder to me to get on it. Marc Maron is doing a live WTF podcast here in Boston at the end of January. I really, really wanna go - I just may!
  • I must get a haircut tomorrow! Travel anxiety is about to kick in.
  • It's good to hear Artie Lange again - here's to staying healthy Artie!
  • I'm still digging House - Hugh Laurie is so f-ing great.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Deviled Eggs II - The Sequel (oh, and Juice)

Remember the deviled eggs post from a week or so ago? If not, here's the link to it ( My daughter asked me if I would make them again for her so of course, I obliged and took the chance to tweak the preparation a bit. Here a photo of how the turned out:
Pretty? Heh? I could be fancy and use a piping bag for the filling but I went rustic, especially since they were going to be devoured minutes after preparation. BTW, they were so yummy!
After a couple of decades of faithful service, my old Juiceman Juicer finally passed away. I juice just about every day so I needed to replace it quick and while I long for a Vitamix, my wallet is not thick enough right now to spring $400 on a blender so I replaced the 20+ year old Juiceman with a 2011 model.
This is the Juiceman JM550S and now, three uses in, I'm impressed overall. Much more powerful than the old model and the food chute is 3" wide, I put and entire apple in (just like in the photo) with no problem. Oh, and $79.99 at WalMart, can't beat that!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Couple Cents Worth


You know what gets old fast? I know some of you might think I would say the snow, especially since we got hit crazy early this year. As much as I don't like it, I accept it because I am aware of the region I live and have come to accept weather anomalies as, well, normal. What gets real old, real fast, is the irrational behavior of all the nincompoops that forget they live in New England, where the most famous saying is, "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute." I was out in a few stores yesterday trying to do some routine shopping and it was insane how the crowds were out preparing for possible Armageddon. Look folks, it snows here in New England and sometimes at weird times - keep a freaking pound of bologna in your refrigerator and get over it or move to Florida or New Mexico so I don't have to deal with you anymore.
Now onto the stupid power companies. The United States has successfully launched humans into outer space in a vessel the size and weight of a giant airplane so many times - they decided to stop doing it; I guess it's just not fun anymore. However, with all that money spent and technology developed, it seems near impossible to keep power flowing into people's homes after a little snow and wind. I don't accept any excuse - it makes no sense that this hasn't been dealt with. Think of the thousands, sometimes tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands and millions of homes lose power, destroy hundreds of dollars worth of food in each home and who pays? We, the consumer!!! Someone needs to stop bitching about stupid things and start talking about infrastructure - NOW!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

What's Snew?

The joys of New England living and unpredictability of the weather came into play last night as it snowed a bit. This morning, as I was driving my daughter to school, I noticed a fair amount of snow (considering time of year and lack of snow on the ground) and said to my daughter this exact statement, "check out that car, I didn't know it snew that much last night."

SNEW? What's snew (not much, what's snew with you? - sorry, I had to do it). Seriously though, I really said that and it was totally a brain fart, I am well aware that snew isn't an actual word but it just came out of me and almost instantly, my daughter and I busted into uncontrollable laughter the rest of the way to school.
I still think the iPad is a piece of crap and even more so every day. Every time I come across a web site that doesn't work because crApple doesn't want to play nice with the industry standard plug-ins, I cringe at the audacity of them.
I recently decided to shop around for new car insurance and homeowners and am glad I did, save about $400!
I got nothing else - for now.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Should I Be Honored?

This came to one of my email addresses:

So, should I be honored or offended?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wasteful Student Gets Caught

Student (holding a printout of a paper and using it as a prop): How do I get the printer to not print on both sides?

Me: We don't allow single-sided printing in the lab - all instructors here must accept double-sided printing.

Student: Oh (befuddled look on her face), it's for a class at another college.

Me: Then you'll have to print it elsewhere, perhaps at that other college.

Student: Why don't you allow it?

Me: It's wasteful and costly and instead of raising student lab fees, we were able to offset that increase by maximizing our paper usage.

Student: (expression on face that implied cluelessness or not giving a crap about anything but her needs) Whatever, it's so unfair?

Me: Just curious, are you not printing it at that other college because they charge for printing (we currently are one of the very few who do not charge a fee per page to print).

Student: (No verbal response, just an expression that indicated she'd been caught being an ass).

Monday, October 24, 2011

Yet Further Proof

My last post, from just hours ago, was an example of people that don't suck, a seemingly rare thing. Well, something I've know for a few years now, rather someone I've known for a few years is snother such example and a constant reminder that extraordinary humans do exist.

I get home from work and stop to grab the mail. When I open my mailbox, I see this package in there - I love getting packages but usually, I expect them because they are things that I have ordered. I grab the package and immediately look at the address label having already considered it was a misdeliver but then I saw my name, and address on the envelope and immediately loooked up and to the left to see who sent this surprise package and was very touched at the name I saw.

Here's what was inside:
A container filled with lovely Caramel Dipped Cookies and an even lovelier note. Here's a person whose schedule is filled to the brim, someone whose had more curveballs thrown at them that Ted Williams and still manages to find the time to be so kind and wonderful to everyone.

It didn't take much more than a minute to bring tears to my eye and while this weekend was filled with tears of sadness as a group of us mourned the loss of a friend, today, thanks to my wonderful friend, I got to find some balance. I'm very touched - so much so taht I did something I ahven't done in more than a year - I ate a cookie! And boy, was it awesome!

Thanks so much for completely making my day!

Walk This Way

Occasionally, we get signs that there are people in the world who don't suck. Today, let me introduce two of them: The young man standing is Tyler, who is blind. The young man in the wheelchair is Lance - Lance asked Tyler to grab hold of his chair as he led him to his destination using the shortest route possible.

This isn't something I saw on the Internet, I witnessed it with my own two eyes - I know both students very well.

A-Z Meme

A is for Age
B is for Bed Size
C is for Chore That You Hate
All Chores - Cleaning is the worst
D is for Dogs
None (I have an awesome cat)
E is for Essential Start To Your Day
Lately, exercise and a giant protein smoothie
F is for Favorite Color
G is for Gold or Silver
H is for Height
I is for Instruments You Play
J is for Job Title
Technical Specialist, Blackboard Learning System Administrator
K is for Kids
Daughter (13 yrs old)
L is for Live
M is for Mother’s Name
N is for Nicknames
None at this time
O is for Overnight Hospital Stays
Two - fortunately, neither was fatal
P is for Pet Peeve
Being wasteful
Q is for Quote From A Movie
“These amps go to 11”
- This is Spinal Tap
R is for Right or Left Handed
S is for Siblings
Older brother and younger sister
T is for Time You Wake Up
5am on the weekdays and 8ish on the weekends
U is for Underwear
Boxer briefs
V is for Vegetable You Hate
None that I know of, I like my veggies
W is for What Makes You Run Late
Being around other people who run late
X is for X-Rays You’ve Had
Many, many, many
Y is for Yummy Food That You Make
Caramelized Salmon
Z is for Zoo Animal
I snatched this from Ria's Blog