Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clearing a Path

I am exhausted. Of late, moving snow has become so commonplace that there is little time for doing anything else. In fact, when I finish typing this (I am actually using speech recognition because my arms and fingers are too tired to type) I need to contact the post office and have my mail held because currently, my mailbox is completely buried in snow.

I woke up at 5:00 this morning, as I normally would on a workday, and saw that the school system in my local town was closed but the school that I work at had not yet made an announcement. I made the rare decision to say fuck it and go back to sleep. I awoke again at about 7:30 and this time saw that my school had announced a delayed opening for 11:00 AM.

I got myself dressed and prepared to face the snow. I opened the garage doors, fired up the snow thrower and went to town. I began by clearing out the snow in the width of the driveway from the garage doors across. The point where the pavement ends and the grass begins is usually where I stop and because we've had so much snow of late, the pile of snow at that point is between four and five feet tall. At one point, the edge of that snow barrier came down in an avalanche fashion and I was both amused and annoyed.

Once that beginning segment was clear it was time to work my way down the length of the driveway which is usually pretty easy until I got closer to the street. By this time the street plows have created a thigh high barrier of hard packed icy hell that will have my snow thrower screaming in agony as I sadistically force it to carve its way through.

At one point I was standing out in the street, snow thrower pointed in toward the driveway and I noticed a plow coming up the street - I decided to just stand there flipping the bird to the driver and forcing him to go around me. Of course where there is one plow, there is usually another close behind so while I had the chance I once again coaxed the snow thrower through the hellish entrance to the driveway and I could almost hear the machine gasp sighs of relief as it soon found softer snow.

When the job was finally complete I proceeded to get myself ready for my workday which was waiting for me on the other end of this already exhausting morning. When I got to work I was filled with anger so much so that I wished an awful lot of hateful crap on the bone heads who made the decision that employees and students should report to school. I guess there's not much more I can really say. I try not to complain too much about the snow because I do make a choice to live in New England and I know it comes with the territory. Right now however I am really sore, achy and a bit cranky…

Tomorrow is another day.

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