Friday, January 14, 2011

Coming Soon....

Joke: What does a new job and an old marriage have in common? The amount of time you get off with the company. Is this thing on? Hello? No, but seriously folks. The title of this post may or may not have relevance with the content because that is how I roll.

Have you every tried to make a crowd full of strangers laugh? Not just once, but repeatedly over a period of time? The "Stand Up Comedian", a job that many might have thoughts about, but only until you've stood on a stage in front of a crowd can you be certain just how daunting a task the job of a stand up comedian can be.

Many years ago, there were four separate occasion on which I made the trek on stage. I'm still affected by those experiences and try to remind myself of the lessons I learned and apply them in my daily life. I know, hard to imagine, for some of you at least, how that could be.

Countless times over the last 10 or 15 years I'd consciously start to write what I hoped might be comedy material I could try out on a real stage and in every instance, I gave up and backed down from the challenge. I even had this insane idea to go up almost completely unprepared and improvise and riff off the crowd - as if I was some kind of seasoned professional who spent years honing their craft to be able to pull off something like that.

The thing is, there is something really special about laughter. I love to laugh but the satisfaction of bringing the joy of laughter to another is amazing and addictive - but so very difficult to achieve sometimes. I know that I need to do it at least once more. Somewhere, someday, I feel like I have to get up on that stage and make an attempt to do it at least once more - even at the (very high) risk of failing.

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