Thursday, January 06, 2011

Doctor Doctor

Back in October, my doctor called me in for a checkup before refilling my prescriptions. After some blood work and a routine exam, he told be my blood pressure was higher than it should be considering the meds I was taking for it and that my sugar is indicative of being pre-diabetic.

YIKES! This was my first thought as well as panic. Blood pressure is bad enough (along with my cholesterol issue. the cholesterol was okay but the triglycerides were high). The doctor told me that while we could talk about increasing meds, the sugar was a concern because of family history (diabetes took my mothers entire life from her and then killed her). The positive is that pre-diabetes doesn't necessarily mean the diabetes in a guarantee, it can be thwarted through proper diet and exercise.

After a bit of talk, I agreed to put a real effort into diet and exercise and that perhaps if I had three months to see what effect that would have, we could revisit this situation then. Well, here we are, three months later. I have exercised no less than 30 minutes every single day since my last doctor visit, I've been more cautious of what I eat (cutting sugars by at least 75% or more), and lost about 15 pounds and tomorrow, I am seeing my doctor for the follow up.

I hope there is some evidence of positive change because if not, I am going to be hella depressed!


ria said...

crossing my fingers that your diet and exercise paid off!

Chris said...

Ria - Thanks :)I'm so f'ed up that even in WalMart if I see the blood pressure machine, I have a panic attack...very silly