Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fill-in the Blank Sunday

I snatched this froma blog that referred to it as "Fill-in the Blank Friday" - same idea, different day :)
  1. I wish... the current burden of "getting by" didn't overwhelm me to the point where it is so much harder to truly enjoy life. There is something very wrong in a world where one must put so much effort into just getting by.   I like how Bill Maher said that "middle class" is just a nicer way of expressing what the middle class has really become, the "working poor".
  2. Yesterday... I had a brief visit with my friend Andrea, that made me happy. The class I am teaching over the next 8 (7 to go) Saturdays - seems like a good (and nimble) group. Also, I visited the new BJs store in Hudson (and saved $46 with couppons) because doing lame things is sometimes how I roll on a Saturday night.
  3. Today... I am sad that the Patriots aren't playing football. I'll be rooting for the Jets in the AFC game and the Bears in the NFC game but the passion isn't going to be there the same way it would were my Pats involved.
  4. Tomorrow... is another day and anything can happen; here's to something wonderful and exciting for me and for you.
  5. Maybe... we'll have at least one day warm enough to get some of these mountains of snow to melt a bit before the next snow fall. I know I am just about out of space to move any more now.
  6. Someday... I hope things turn around in this ugly and horrible world we live in. I don't suspect it will happen in my generations life time but for our kids and their kids, and future generations.
  7. I love... the people who get me. My real friends who let me be me, even when I am a ass sometimes and say stupid shit without really putting all the thought into expressing what I really mean. I also love that they call me on that shit and put me in my place but do so because they care. I also love firepits, a nice glass of wine, unexpected joyful moments...


April said...

OMG. What is it about firepits that make them so magical? I too am a huge fan.

Chris said...

April- I know, right. Althoug, don't you live in a giant firepit? I mean the state you live in? LOL Just joshing - I mess with my cuzz, who lives there as well - she complains how "cold" she is if it gets down to like 60 degrees. LOL