Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Great Roof Rake Race

How many of you folks out there in bloggerville even know what a roof rake is? The demand for them here in my neck of the woods is great...Lowe's and Ome Depot can't keep them in stock. in fact, today i stopped in Home Depot at around 12:30 and asked for one, guys says, "we're out, there's a shipment coming in at 2 this afternoon though."

After kiling time spoiling my daughter a little at Target and confirming Lowe's was out of stock on roof rakes, I made it back to Home Depot around 2:05 and was amazed ar what I saw. There was a crew of guys with a hand truck full of roof rakes and a lineup of people grabbing for them. They sold out all of them almost as fast as Bruce Springsteen sells out football stadiums.

It was almost surreal seeing a flock of people carring these very large metallic blue poles through the store. If I had my flipcam, I think I couold have easily produced a viral gem with little effort. Rardless, $40 bucks later, I now own a roof rake...bring it on Mo'naitch.

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