Tuesday, January 04, 2011

If Heaven Were a Liquid, I Sipped it For Lunch Yesterday

I was running errands, a common occurrence, at lunchtime yesterday and made a stop at Whole Foods for a bite to eat. After my usual "samples" trek about the store (it was slim pickings yesterday), I was short on time and just grabbed a box of sushi.

I've had the sushi at Whole Foods many times, not gourmet, but edible - that is, until yesterday. Three or four pieces in, I realized there was something off about it - not sure if it was bad avocado or, I don't even want to think about, bad fish. The though of the latter had my stomach grumbling so I went to the customer service desk, made my plea, and received an apology and a refund.

Wanting to get the bad food thoughts from my head (and my belly), and still hungry-ish, I decided a serving of soup would be perfect and that is when I found heaven - in the form of a Curried Apple Pumpkin soup. Truly, if heaven were a liquid, that's what ended up having for lunch that day (despite a short jaunt through hell to get there)...it was worth it.

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