Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Year, a New Look, and The Often Misunderstood Rhombus

Here we are 25 days into the new year, 25 posts into the new year and already surpassed more than half my output from last year, a very lame year for me here in bloggerville. While my goal won't be to blog just for the sake of it, I have found a new peace in writing here again and it feels pretty darn good.

over the past few weeks, I've dabbled around in Bloggers interface and new features. I was particularly unhappy with how narrow the columns were and how much wasted screen space surrounded those narrow columns. Turns out that in order to use the easy slider controls to change the column widths, I had to change my template which I had resisted on a few tries and finally, last night, realized a new look isn't a bad thing. How do you feel about it?

I intentionally used the word "Rhombus" in conversation today. I walked into the Math Learning Center on campus, which was constructed a year or two ago, and said to one of the math teachers, "they should have built this room in the shape of a rhombus (or rhomboid)!" Her response, "that would've been cool, really neat angled corners...:" I still know how to start a great conversation :)

Tonight is the "State of the Union" address or as I like to refer to it, the TV schedule will be all fucked up! Hey all, later for now, ya hear?


Joy said...

I like the new look. It's taking some getting used to, but we need some change now and then. :-)

Chris said...

Joy - I too am still getting used to it after 6+ years of the other look. If I were able to make teh columns wider, I'd probably have kept the old look but this one is growing on me :)