Friday, January 28, 2011

No Rest for the Weekend

I am writing this at just after 11pm after getting caught up in my day and blowing off some other ideas I had for a post (I really need to write ideas down somewhere).

Tomorrow, we are having our third Karaoke Night Fundraiser and I will once again be the emcee. I don't feel good about this one because of the nasty weather and poor(er) promotion - there seems to not be as much buzz and I fear that turnout will be low but I shall hold out hope.

What will make emcee duties a tad more challenging that in the past is I have a class to teach in the morning beforehand and I will be lecturing for somewhere around four hours - that will make singing and hosting for three more hours later in the day interesting.

Some other things in bullet form:
  • The president of the college I work at has accepted a new job elsewhere
  • Today was the 112th consecutive day in which I have exercised
  • While I think the prospect of my Toronto trip might be off, the potential for a Vegas trip this summer seems possible (oh those conferences)
  • There are icicle that are 5 feet and longer hanging from my roof (this is both cool looking and a cause for worry)
  • There's a pile of snow at the entrance to my driveway that is about 7 feet tall

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