Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Optical Illusion

I was at a BJ's Wholesale club a few days ago and grabbed a bottle of eyeglass cleaner, along with a few other items. Upon checkout, I was informed that I could not purchase the eyeglass cleaner at any register other than the optical department. I went over to the optical department and after nosing around, was told by a floor manager that optical was closed and that I would not be able to purchase the $2.99 bottle of solution. WHAT!!! I recognize that the Optical Department is housed in BJ's but but run by them, but to have such a  simple and inexpensive, yet commonly purchase item just sitting there, so ready to grab with no way to purchase it seems to make no sense.

Fast forward three days later, Monday afternoon to be precise, around lunchtime. I stop at a different BJ's, the local one, pretty close to work, to make the same purchase. This time, there is someone there so I grab the bottle, place three one dollar bills and a shiny new quarter on the counter when he guy tells me, "I can't help you right at this moment, there are a few folks ahead of you and my computer is tied up." WHAT!!! I'm not looking to jump any lines of for preferential treatment but the "few folks" ahead of me were waiting for eyeglass fittings - a solid 5-10 minutes per customer. All I wanted was a 10 second ring up of a $2.99 cent bottle of cleaner for which I has the cash all ready and waiting on the counter. However, I was actually denied service. I left yelling at the guy....

Never mind customer service, is there such a thing a common sense and practicality anymore? Sheesh!


Joy said...

This is really weird.

Chris said...

Joy - I went back a third time and there was a sign on the counter "back at 1". I went to the floor manager almost in a rage and told her this is my third trip to make a $3 purchase, if I don't get rung up in the next 3 minutes, I want a refund on my club membership and I am done with this place. She went to the lunch room and got the person from the Optical department and I finally was able to make the purchase.