Monday, January 10, 2011

Post Season Problems

After watching the Seattle Seahawks rise up to the challenge and sadly defeat the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints, I find myself somewhat torn. While it was a terrific football game filled with excitement, I don't believe the Seahawks should have had the opportunity to participate in the post season with an overall losing record in the regular season; especially since there were a few teams with better records no longer in contention for the ultimate prize.

The biggest problem with all sports post seasons is that league rules ultimately favor the potential for revenues and not necessarily fair play and sportsmanship. Take baseball as an example, a decade or so ago, they added another level of playoffs (ALDS & NLDS)and in developing the wild card system, devalued the significance of coming in first place. At the very least, the teams with the best record in the AL and NL should be rewarded with a bye.

Sadder yet, the players are so wrapped up in their unionization and big contracts (that's for another post), they don't seem to care either, it really is about the business over the sport - to me, this is a tragedy.

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