Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Recently Rejected Blog Post Titles and Your Questions Answered

Here are some recently rejected blog post titles:
  1. The road to Murgatroid
  2. Flaunting my non-existent Peruvian Heritage
  3. Missile Command revisited
  4. The blithering idiots guide to people named Celeste
  5. Minutia for the absent minded
  6. The definitive guide to Richard Crenna
  7. I put my brains in a food processor last night and felt much better in the morning
  8. "Go Fuck Yourself" A Memoir by the Dalai Lama
And now for answers to your questions:
Kenny A. wants to know, "Do farts have lumps?". Kenny, farts in and of themselves are lump free but a shart, by definition, must have lumps.

Kenny A, also asks, "What's the fastest animal in the world?" To that, I ask a question of my own, "What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?"

Gene A. wants to know, "Why is the world round?" There are two conflicting theories and I shall present to you both. The first is that the world is one of God's testicles; the second, that Jeremiah was a bulldog and if so, how else can one with testicles survive (keeping in mind that bulldogs often have breathing issues).

Gene then asks, "Why can't men breast feed if they have nipples?" Gene, how can you be so certain? Have you ever tries to latch an iguana, monitor lizard, or kimodo dragon to either of your nipples? (Don't knowck it until you try it though be up to date on your innoculations and be sure and have your last will and testament in order if you go with the kimodo dragon).

More with your questions at some other randon time but one last thing. If you haven't read the funny little story I wrote and posted last Friday, check it out...I think you might laugh and I'd love some feedback - good, bad, or indifferent. You can link to it by clicking here.

Peace out!

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