Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Woes

There was a substantial snow blast overnight from Tuesday and well into Wednesday. I don't much like it but I know it comes with the territory. I am fortunate to have a snow thrower, which makes a major difference in cleanup but still requires significant effort, especially with a blast such as this. Regardless, I know what I am in for and while I never once have enjoyed clearing the snow, it gets done without to many complaints...

...that is, until I get closer to the street and then I get really frustrated and don't know if there is even a solution. The first issue relates to the street plows. I know the roads need to get plowed but the plows move the snow onto the sidewalk and in front of the driveway. Not only does it move it there en masse, but for a variety of scientific reasons, the snow gets super mushy and when snow get mushy, it gets slushy and heavy. So, by the time you carve your way out the the end of the driveway, you have a much higher mound of snow all compacted with the mushy, slushy, very heavy stuff packing it down and it becomes a chore - even for a 9HP snow thrower.

The next problem happens when the town decides to clear the sidewalk. I guess I should be grateful that they do this but they use this tractor with a v-shaped plow that clears a center path by moving the snow to the left and right. This of course, means that snow that is being moved, now creates new hard mounds of packed snow in not one, but two locations that block the path of your driveway. Worse, this process usually takes place after one has made their way out of the driveway the next day to go to work and prevents getting back into the driveway upon arriving home. Problem get worse because only solution is to illegally park on the street, run to get a shovel from the garage and clear the path as quickly as possible all hoping that some asshole isn't driving way to fast around the blind curve to notice your car is there. Then of course once the path is clear, you need to get back into the car, a dangerous task and maneuver into the driveway hoping again that cars coming around the bend are able to see you.

WTF is the solution?

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