Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Splicings and Fragments

I have a collection of bits of papers, splicings and fragments of partial thoughts, ideas, verses and the sort. I was going through some of them tonight and thought I would share some of them with you. There are times when one strikes me and I finally get back to thinking about the words and try to find context and at times, they become the seed for a new thing or I can develop them into something such as a poem or song lyric. There are other times when I look at them, reflect on them and then just put them right back.

Here are some that stopped me and got me thinking:

I. My past is nothing to talk about
   the present is just the same
   But who knows what the future holds
   another roll of the dice in this life-less game

I don't recall specifically but I suspect I was feeling a bit down. I do very distinctly recall writing lifeless as life-less, kind of a take on feeling like I had no life.

II. Defining moments in our lives
    though they're far and few
    the memories we leave behind
    the scars that _____________

Clearly I was at a point where I couldn't come up with a solid fitting rhyme here. I wish I can recall whether or not I was trying to relate to a specific defining moment in my life. I have a guess based on the end of the verse that it may have been around 1990 and the particular relationship I was in which began to disintegrate the moment it peaked. Certain things became evident that I was blinded, by my own doing, to and it was pretty painful for a while.

III. It's been called the lonely hunter
      as it lies there on your sleeve
     yet with every passing beat
     you search for reasons to believe

This whole verse is a play on the line "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter". I was trying to develop that into something longer form but it seems I stalled after one verse.

IV. It seems like only yesterday
      but six years since have past
      and seeing you reminded me
      time slips away so fast

This verse brings up so many different things related to the passage of time. After a conversation with my brother some years ago, I became obsessed with the perception of the passing of time.

V. Never in a million years
    would I have ever guessed
    that deep down in the worst of times
    I can be my very best

This is about drawing strength at a time where you aren't sure where to draw that strength from - being totally uncertain of your ability to get through a situation yet somehow, you find that something deep inside and perhaps draw strength from the good that surrounds you and find a way to move forward.

That was fun. perhaps someday one of these bits will work its way into something bigger. Thanks for reading.

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