Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Kind of Morons Live in Arkansas?

I look at the magazine cover to the left and I see something beautiful; two adults who love each other and a beautiful baby boy who is probably going to be spoiled rotten by two loving parents. When I look at the picture, I see a family, nothing more and nothing less.

Apparently, some morons in Arkansas, at a supermarket whose name I will not mention (fuck them, they don't deserve any additional publicity) were so offended, that the supermarket decided that they would hide the cover with something that I find so offensive I hate the idea of even posting a picture of it - but I will just so you can see how ridiculous these particular Arkansans are:
"Family Shield. To Protect young shoppers". WTF? What is it about that cover that anyone might need protection from? What is is that a "young shopper", or anyone for that matter, could possibly see in that picture that might cause harm? what an incredibly fucked up society not only to take such action, but to allow it.

I feel like perhaps we should cover up Arkansas on all maps of the United States because clearly there is something there that is harmful to humanity - people that are clearly clueless.

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Cuzzup said...

I see nothing offensive at all! What if 2 brothers or 2 friends of the same sex posed in a random picture with a baby?! Unbelievable! BTW, like the new look. :)