Monday, January 24, 2011

Writing Prompt #159

In the spirit of Fiction Friday, the Monday edition, I nosed around for a writing prompt so that I can attempt to get some creative juices flowing. I came across this:

Weave a mini-story (200-250 words) using the following words in order: shell, comic book, discarded soap box, rubber soles, post card. Here's what I came up with, that clocks in at 313 words after editing as much as I was willing.

As a young man, I was a recluse, I constantly felt trapped in a shell. I knew there was a world out there to explore but I was afraid. Rather than face reality, I’d grab a comic book and lose myself in the colorful world of superheroes.

I especially liked reading in the family room because of the fireplace and cozy recliner. On one side of the room was a spare bathroom which also served as the laundry room. While standing before the toilet one day, I noticed a discarded soap box blocking the top of the trash bin that lived between the toilet and vanity; this disturbed me only because I wanted to attempt to spit my gum, long out of flavor, into the trash in hopes of scoring two more meaningless points. The soap box grabbed my attention as it had a colorful illustration on its side that I couldn’t quite make out from my vantage point.

After my business was complete, I retrieved the box only to realize the illustration was a cartoon depicting a matronly woman using this particular brand of detergent overwhelmed with joy at its efficacy. I realized I had spent far too much time all caught up in nothing. Upon leaving the wash room, the rubber soles on my sneakers were making a screeching sound so unpleasant that even my cat, who was standing guard outside the bathroom door, ran for cover faster than when the door bell chimes.

I really didn’t have time to deal with the cat or the reason my shoes were wet, a leak from behind the clothes washer, I needed to get a postcard in the mail before the close of business or my entry would’ve been invalid. I needed to focus on writing, in 25 words or less, why I would be a perfect cast member on “The Real World”.

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