Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Collective Bargaining, Wisconsin, and Cheese

While there are all sorts of political upheavals in the middle east, it seems the assholes (conservatives and tea party alike) are up to new shenanigans and I only hope the pussies the Democratic party have become can grown a pair of balls and show them why those of us who support them why we want them in office.

I hated George W. - he was the worst president of all time. In fact, he was so bad that there are actually people who seem now to thin Reagan was a good president...I know, scary. However, as dumb as he was, and there aren't too many dumber, he had balls. Obama and the rest of the dems need to go kick ass and worry about explaining themselves and apologizing later.

Back to the dilemma in Wisconsin. I'm not 100% on top of it so instead of speaking specifics, I'll say this being both in public education as well as a union employee whose contract has been collectively bargained to death. I have seen first hand of the last 13 years how the once strong unions that I belong to have become all but powerless. Yes, the government whom they bargain with is largely responsible but the unions are not without fault. It's one thing to fight for, and defend the rights of the employees and ask for what is fair but I have seen time and time again the union pull shit out of a hat and use strong arm tactics and be greedy as well.

It's a very difficult situation. I pay over $800 a year for membership in three unions and I basically feel like I am just throwing my money away. I haven't had any raise at all in three years and my expenses have dramatically increases. I know I am not alone, my fellow union workers are all in the same boat.

It's all so unsettling and I hope it can work out. I fear this crazy country I once loved is fucked over for good. I have no hope that things will turn for the better in my lifetime - at least not of this writing. However, I refuse to let it consume me either, I need to wake up everyday and do the best I can for me and for my daughter.

I guess now I am just rambling, so I shall stop. B R E A T H !

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