Friday, February 11, 2011

Fiction Friday: Prompt #3 - Wordsmithing [Part 1]

The writing prompt I worked with today was very different but very fun. In fact, there's this game I've played at a friend's called "The Dictionary Game" that this reminded me of.

I used one of the large dictionaries available to me and I simply opened to a random page and just grabbed a word. Here in part 1, I present the first 5 words I've redefined:

1. Mesentery – a “messy” or unkempt burial ground. Ex.: “St. Charles has become a mesentery as a result of cutbacks in the groundskeeping staff.”

2. Borzoi – an expression steeped in the occasional boredom brought on by celebrations of the Jewish faith; combines the root of the word for boredom with a familiar Yiddish exclamation. Ex.: “The cantor was a real borzoi; did he have to do the extended remix of every song?”

3. Humectant – a lozenge designed to impede uncontrollable laughter and often advertised for use in situations where such laughter is imminent, yet inappropriate. Ex.: “During the somber eulogy, I broke out into a fit of laughter. Fortunately, I had a citrus flavored humectant handy.”

4. Velarium – A novelty terrarium that features miniaturized replicas of velociraptors and other assorted minutiae related to the natural habitat of the velociraptor. Ex: “The new velarium was the highlight of the dinosaur exhibit at the Cleveland institute.”

5. Collimator – The collimator is a device used to destroy old colanders. In accordance with the federal mandate issued in 2006 declaring colanders unsafe for normal waste procedures. The collimator, invented in a dorm room at Aloysius Belvidere University, somewhere east of Tempe, Arizona, safely disintegrates colanders, regardless of material, into an eco-friendly dust suitable for planting artificial plants.

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JD said...

Is it weird that I read the dictionary for fun?